Power Rangers

WAS da bomb

Thinking back on it, they were all teens in the show. Would any of you ever try out for power rangers?

My black ass prolly would, tryin to get paidddddddddddddd :tup:

Power Rangers today is nothing but a sign of a stale nostalgia convo. Sweet memories though.

Get paid? From what I remember, the original cast only got paid like $100 an episode or something terribly underwhelming. :rofl:

  1. we have a power rangers thread.
  2. yes i would try out in a heart beat

dang only a $100 dollars a episode? wow i didn’t know that

and I was looking for that thread and couldn’t find it…

edit: i found the thread, sorry bout that.

you’d be surprised at all the shady business behind the show

nah their not paid like that anymore…the original power rangers weren’t sag. thats why they were paid so low, disney wouldnt let that shit fly.


(flips and poses, then nod’s head frantically but no words are coming out)

Im trying to find out how much the “old” rangers got paid and how much the “new” rangers got paid.

All i found so far was that the old ones got only about $800 a week…

ur prob not gonna find how much the new ones get paid cuz no one wants to talk about that stuff in public. but their all sag members so its alot more than 800, plus it was in new zealand so it prob doesnt take into account living expenses since almost all of the cast was american moving to new zealand to shoot the show. i dont think they film there anymore though.

It’s probably still very low compared to the pay for a regular/average (hit) show.

…but hell yeah I would’ve been on there if I could. It would be awesome just to have been part of that show. I’ve always been a fan…well except for the Turbo era. That season killed my love for the show until Wild Force brought it back. Anyway, there’s also the issue of having some hot girls as your co-stars…yeah, that would be nice. My #1 greatest-of-all-time is still Rhoda Montemayor…observe the deliciousness: http://www.rhodamontemayor.net/

oh yeah… I’d also prefer to be that “mysterious extra ranger” that shows up later in the season, and it’s not clear if he’s a good or bad guy at first. Those are usually the best and most interesting rangers. heh, they usually get their own theme music and special transformation sequence too.

i got paid more for the shit i did, thats so awesome :stuck_out_tongue:

rules are crazy these days…if u dont speak, u get paid fuck all, but if u DO speak, you suddenly get a fuckload more.

hence why a lot of people who get shot/stabbed randomly in movies just fall down and die, rather than beg for help and shit.

Man, Amy Jo Johnson was great during that whole puberty thing

I seen a few nice pics of amy… :coffee:

was watching “Green With Evil” on ABC7 before the Laker game…fuckin awful what they did to the old school show

I stopped watching when Turbo started. I hated that blue ranger who was a kid.

Recently, I went back and started watching the original super sentai series. The production quality is a lot higher in the original versions before they get localized for American audiences.

What did they change?

lol I hated that kid too. Shit was garbage.

hahaha wow i think we all stopped at turbo


i stopped watching half way through Power Rangers in Space lol

Tommy does MMA

wow they went buckwild on adobe aftereffects.