Power Stone 1 Matchmaking

I am looking for anyone to play Power Stone 1 against over hookjoy. No using bosses, rules set to default setting.

Wha’? Since when are Dreamcast games playable online?

damn what, i can play power ston on the internet?!?!?!? how?!?!?! tellll meeeee


I hear the online play for that isn’t very good or reliable however :confused:

for some reason, the capcom games dont register qcf well.

however other games (some capcom like rival schools) input them very good, and is well playable. powerstone runs very smooth and has not much delay, try it out sometime guys :tup:

Sounds good. I’m down for this too…

Oooh man, the wonders of emulation…no longer do I have to cry(as much) about my brother selling my DC while on a trip to D.R :sad: