Power Stone 2 at Evo Finals


Anyone else interested in playing some Power Stone 2 on the Dreamcast at Evo World? It’s tough to find opportunities to play this game against other pro players…I’ll have my portable LCD TV set up with Power Stone 2 for anyone who’s interested.

Whats up man. Me, my cousin and a friend of mine will be at evo worlds and we’re all willing to play. Lets get some games in, powerstone 2 is the business. I don’t expect this thread to get too big so hit me with a pm so we can make it happen. Peace.

ill play and lets make it interesting 10$ a game desert level

if i still played this shit i would have requested mm’s. maybe ill pick it up for evo.

^ We don’t gotta play for $. Casual is cool wit me.

Airic: Me and my friends will play you for 10, np.

I’ll play, and try to show you why Goromond is the best character in the game :slight_smile:


Cool, I’ll be there Friday and Saturday with my LCD and Power Stone 2 set up…a few folks bring a controller because I only have three that are working properly…

Does anyone know if Power Stone 1 or 2 have ever been officially a part of Evo? Obviously not recently, but maybe in 99, 00, or 01?

And money matches? Let’s play a few rounds first and see if that’s such a good idea :rofl::rofl:

No they have not, nor should they ever be. These games are far to random to play seriously.

Fun as hell though.

Why not powerstone 1?

I’ll have both there. I’ve never been able to decide on which version is better…

I used to play powerstone 2 religiously years ago. if i can find some time to play it again and remember how to play it i might throw down a few MM. favorite stage to play on is the space station though. will memory card items be allowed?

aight your on dio… I gotta do the same as well its been forever

Power stone 1 is much much much better.

This is a good question. I have no idea…

PerfectTiming07? What do you think?

Wang-Tang, Axel, and Falcon want in on the action (Axel being god tier for me)

I want in…:sad:

I thought High Level items are banned though…like the lvl 3 shield and such

Some of the items are so unbalanced that it distracts from the game play. They do add to the excitement though. We can try it with the unlockables, but it would probably be better without. Anyway, my DC memory card got corrupted recently and I lost my save files (as well as MvC2 saves, luckily I copied a file at Evo West), so all I’ll have is the defaults available. I will have Pride, Mel, and the extra stages available though, but I’m not going to be rebuilding my item collection. If someone could bring a card, feel free.

i coulda sworn powerstone 1 was WAY better

AGREED. power stone 1 can be a serious fighter imo. powerstone2 is just crazyness.

anyone in socal wanna play powerstone 1 with me?

Damn, if I was going I would so be into this. 4-player powerstone is hella fun.