Power Stone 2! Nuff said

Cheers to the sickest multi-player fighting game ever. Theres nothing more fun than moving levels, huge Indiana Jones boulders chasing you, being able to use 3 different kinds of dragons to aid your fight, and all this food to drag out battles…

With all that shit going on, who needs Smash Bros.

Anyone else play? I’m always trying to get games together with my friends in Los Angeles.

Let’s see how long THIS one lasts.

Well… while Power Stone 2 is a good game, it simply does not have the charm that SSB has. It is the better game, no issues there. However SSB simply has more to do, lovable characters (Link, Mario, Blue Falcon, Samus, Starfox) and it caters toward both the younger gamers and the hardcore gamers as well. Powerstone characters are cookie cutter characters and are no where near original or exciting. Now if SSB was in 3-D and had multiple levels, it’d leave PS2 in the dust… No hope here for neiter a 3-D SSB nor a Power Stone 3.:sad:

Power Stone 2 was fire but SSB just has a bit more “kick” to it.

Playing the hell out of it since like a year or something. Allways playing at least 3 hours with my friends when we meet.
Its really fun and underrated imo.

I’m still waiting on those match videos…

Yeah Makoto… those powerstone 2 battles can get heated. Especially with Gunrock or Ayame… cheap as hell. With the best items out of any party game and the best physics… how can anyone deny this game is underrated.

I guess I can see why ppl are comparing PWS2 and SSB but honestly in terms of interaction fun factor and difficulty I have to go with PowerStone 2 not to say Smash isnt fun but you can do so much more in Powerstone and the stages are much more interactive. Dont even talk about the difficulty. The 2 Bosses in PWS2 Story Mode are no joke especially the Pharoh Robot, on the hardest difficulty of course!
PWS2’s 3D interactive world has much more to give to SSB’s linear 2D one! PowerStone 2 is a great game though. Rouge looks like a Pullum Purna ripoff, good nontheless!

I like PS2 but PS seems so much better. while the stages were smaller, I think they were better designed, and I loved that they had multiple levels that went up and down which seems to have been taken out of PS2, such as Ayame’s level or Ryoma’s level.

The thing is though, Ayame is beast tier and everyone else struggles to keep up, if she gets three stones once it’s all fucking over. Just do the shuriken super, twice (three if your quick about it) and then while everyone is getting juggled pick up the stones and do it again. Falco is pretty good with his awesome missile super, and Gunrock and Galuda can both compete if you let them get close, because they just do so much damage, especially Galuda. But Damn Ayame is beast.

Well Ayame is a cheap beast… but I think overall Gunrock beats her. Gunrock can just overpower anyone in the game and his super is probably the best. You can do much more damage if you just throw rocks all day and wait til the last second to turn into that big rolling boulder… his other super is only good in some situations.

I like Ayames jump kick and stomp priority and super. But with her low defense and bad range it makes it hard for her to win even if you run around all day.

I think top 3 is Gunrock, Ayame, Accel (cheapest super and off the wall manuver in the game!)

Not to flame but PowerStone 2 is shit compared to PowerStone.

But really, it’s like comparing apples and oranges, cause the two games are completely different. EVen when you do one on one battles in 2, it’s nothing like 1.

PS1 for EVo. I’ll rock all you motherfuckers with Fokker or Wang-Tang.

Yeah, PS1 was way better in terms of competitive fighting, while SSBM is in no way the lesser game to Power Stone 2. Who wants complete randomness (i.e. 50 billion items, fighting the level as much as your opponents) in a fighter? PS2 is still good for what it is though, no question. Where the hell is PS3?

Dude, just put the GS codes in and play… nobody is gonna spend 10million years getting all those items. Its all about fighting at full capacity.

And fuck PS1, this is the PS2 thread. Lets talk about PS2 and all its glory.

Anyone have any favorite combos? Personally I like using the lead pipe and the tranquilizer gun… hit em with the pipe, then switch to the gun, then pipe and gun… etc etc… finish off with a combo or throw off the level (if they have 2 gems you need to knock loose).

Also its cool when you have two dragons at once (lightning and other) …

The best thing about PS2 though is putting it on 5 gems (7 gems for 1-3 players is way too much) and fighting your opponent when hes powered up. If you beat his ass down when they have 3 gems it makes you feel like a pro.

I remember being in a video game store and playing Dreamcast for the first time and the game they had on was Power Stone. Being that this was my first experience with a 128 bit system, I was completely blown away. I had never seen any environments or interaction like that in a fighting game before. I remember wanting a DC so bad at the time. I’m very glad I never bought one, though.

Whatever happened to this series?

You’re a fucking cunt for not buying Dreamcast. I hope you die.

Oh and much love to the Powerstone series. Here’s hoping the PSP Powerstone Compilation is all that it can be. :slight_smile:

I just got one for free, you douchebag.

so is anyone gonna get this game on psp? cause I want someone to play this thing with when it comes out. seriously Im tired of buying these games and having no one to play them with.

Buy one anyway. SUPPORT SEGA!

aw common… this is a must have psp game!!.. ah sweet, sweet dreamcast memories…

I liked the original better, but I did have some fun with this game. Like someone said, the characters aren’t all that interesting and the game gets old after a while. Especially considering my friends hate it.