Power Stone 2

I just got a DC and this game.

Pretty good, damned last guy’s almost impossible.
but in anticipation of getting a DC I got a converter for my arcade stick (TE with MC cthulu) and I just can’t seem to find out what the arcade layout is.
Even playing on my controller is super fun anyhow.

Search function.

I just googled power stone 2 shoryuken and got this thread from 05.
I should just bump that one up?

Pick Pride and spam jumping knees, it does stupidly high damage for some reason

That’s another thing, how do I get the secret characters?

Try this method of searching! It’s super-effective! :smile:

I don’t know! But these people do! Convenient link! :smile:

Gee thanks buddy! That’s super keen!! (not sarcastic)

But I STILL can’t find out the arcade layout for this game.