Power Stone characters in a different style... :P

I thought Power Stone characters are pretty well-designed so I thought I can draw them in a more adult form of anime than the chibi-kind…

Falcon & Ayame


Ryoma & Rouge


wow very nice, great versions of the characters!! i like yours a lot better than original, i really love the style of your characters, anyways good stuff :smiley:

Neat! I like your poses and lines… Nice style for the characters as well… As a big Capcom fan I can appreciate that.:smiley:

Haha, thanx you guys… Here’s some non-Power Stone artworks…



Jill Valentine




The eagle thingy turned out nasty… I seriously don’t know what it’s supposed to look like…

Pretty cool. Any chance you’ll do the rest of the Power Stone cast? Kraken perhaps?

Great Job!

really cool

My computer’s broken for the moment… I’ll take some requests but not at the moment… Although currently, I’m drawing an SNK/Capcom gals sketch… :slight_smile:

that is soooo KICK~ ASS!!

Your women look alot like Falcoons. Excellent work.

Very cool work bro. Nice flow to your work because your edges arent’t sharp so i like that.

That’s the stuff.

That Strider pose looks difficult to draw, but you pulled it off in spades, bro. I love your stuff. A refreshing look at the anime genre I fell so out of love with a few years back for all their kiddy-toon (chibi) styles that are out there.

yeah, i got more compliments for you…
but wouldnt you like some criticism too? afterall, thats the only way you can improve, am i right?
as far as proportions go, you have done a very good job. the poses are very dynamic as well (luv the strider!)

i know you were going for nice shapes, but i think you should add some shadows and highlights to bring the pictures to the 3rd dimension. that way, your images will look much more realistic.
second, you seem to leave all those stray makes behind. clean up the edges to make firmer lines.
and lastly, make distinctions by making some lines more prominent than others. so make some lines darker and some lighter.
believe me, all these minor things will make your illustrations look even better.