Power Stone Collection

When I meant deeper, I meant Smash deeper. Smash had specials and blocks. PS doesn’t. Only reason why you choose some characters over others is because of either speed or stregnth.

Capcom needs to get off sony’s dick and make some of these collections for other systems. But I guess PSP owners and DS owners both have something to be jealous about. And everyone hates the tweeners with both. :bluu: rich bastards.

I’ll bet money they can’t do perfect Powerstone conversions for the PSP.

Why are people so surprised, handhelds tend to be a haven for old ports. Heck, the GBA made a living off being a portable SNES. So when it comes to an old game, people are willing to play things without it comparing to current day stuff as much since handhelds are considered more minigamish.

the only reason they havent improved thepowerstone formular is because powerstone DID have a defence in the system, you could dodge things in the same fasion as parrying but actually dodging attacks, if your good enough you can avade being hit by everything, its not broken at all

and nobody mention wang tangs spirit bomb cos if you get hit by that then :shake:

and i havent tried yet but it looks like ayane’s shuriken overdrive can be dodged by timed jumps, timing varying depending on how much power is left on the meter, you just have to be bothered to try and find out

power stone 2 made people think number 1 is a party game also, they just saw trying to update the system was going to be too much hard work when they can easilly rake in money by giving everybody what they want, if the game is spose to be shallow why hasnt power stone 3 been made? think about it

obviously the system will be updated, create a character mode no good? its done in an anime style so there wont be a diffrence in the detail, plus playing this online against a player with their own character, with their style, their own overdrive will make the game deeper because you’ll have to work out how to escape eachothers overdrive, i can just imagine the wireframe style create an overdrive right now, basically making your own puzzle, making battles up their with watching something like an episode of DBZ or HxH or naruto or something, the hunger to get all 3 powerstones willbe on par with two hungry wolves that have spotted a dead cow atthe same time

that would make the game almost infinite in depth offline and online

fuck I should work for capcom :rofl:

not really, only a few fighters even turn a profit on consoles, and many lose money.

Portables are rock solid platforms to release games on and test the market, I’m sure capcom knows this.

Ya know I kinda agree. I mean Soul Calibur 3 wasn’t hurt by a create-a-character mode. Or hell any other game with a starting cast and then a create-a-character mode. Now I need to go back a play the games critcally.

Shima do you think that there are too many weapons in PS2 though?

capcom should eventually release a fucking hard drive…

that’s right, just a hard drive, you can put into your computer, that has their entire library… wtf

i actually am pretty excited this game is gonna be on psp and the same time they announced the puzzle fighter games.

too good. we may actually have some fun on psp. the line up for psp the next 6 months looks pretty decent actually.

Bionic Commando is on Capcom Classics Collection for the PS2. Granted, not the console version but the arcade version.

Captain Commando will be on Capcom Classics Collection for the PSP.

Bionic Commando was remade on the Game Boy Color a while back. And it’s on the the NES, and CC Collection, too.

Captain Commando was on SNES, Arcade, and now CC Collection.

And on PS1 as well but only in Japan.

hey everyone - a friend of mine and a designer from gun and mortal kombat: shaolin monks wrote a pretty interesting piece about powerstone - go check it out and if you like/dislike something, drop him a comment!


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New screenshots:


So in this collection of PS, you can supposedly play as the four new characters from PS2 in PS1 as well.