Power Stone players?

anyone wanna meet up to play power stone? :lovin: awesome game.

muahahaha bring it on dude if its the first powerstone then i shall own lol. me and afew of my friends play it to take a break from marvel, were pretty good, just leave a reply here for times when you could com through


Hey Minh, you know I would be up for some power stone. Let me know whenever you do this thing and I’ll tell the rest of the guys.

Power Stone 1 or 2? Either way, I would love to play it against some folks. Damn, its been awhile since I’ve done it.

power stone ONE.

well im glad theres at least some people interested in playing this game. now where/when can we all meetup and play. im good for saturday.

i’m playing Power Stone 1 :slight_smile:
some tournament some day?

this game not came to my arcade saloon :frowning:
i play it in DC

Bitch I thought you were dead.

Regency fun center has PS1 :smiley:

it does? im good for regency. who wants to play?

fuck this game lol

Is there a power stone cabinet around anywhere? I don’t know when I can get around to meeting up with anyone but I’d love to try to play against some more people. I am a Galuda main. Dizzy time.