Power Stone & Power Stone 2 at Evo: Gauging Interest / Request for Saved Game Data



I am thinking seriously about setting up Power Stone and/or Power Stone 2 at Evo this year. They are both great games, and it seems rare to get an opportunity to play them against other members of the FGC; unlike modern games, we can’t play Power Stone 1 & 2 online.

I have DC copies of both games, and I have a working DC with four controllers. So, who’s interested in playing some Power Stone 1 or 2? I can set up for most of the day on Friday & Saturday, potentially excluding during my Marvel pools and Marvel top 32. I just want to make sure there is some interest before I go through the trouble of bringing the equipment.

If you are interested, I request some help, if possible: I have memory cards, but unfortunately, all my saved game data was lost (probably from years of inactivity). The memory cards seem to be saving fine now, but I’ll only have a limited amount of unlockable characters and items before Evo. So, I need to know…does anyone have working saved game data from Power Stone 1 and/or 2 with (most) everything unlocked? Especially in Power Stone 2, it would be cool to have most of the items available. If you do have saved game data from either game, please bring it! Also, as I mentioned, I have four controllers, but I seem to recall one of them having issues before. It’s working fine now, but if someone could bring a spare DC controller, that would be great.





If I see your set up in the BYOC id like to play some games in it, and would play people for Bipson bucks :3