Power Stone thread!?!?


This was a great game in my childhood, and I was pretty damn good at it. It sucks that I could never find anyone who played it competitively. Has anyone ever found it in the arcades and/or went to tournaments for it?


This and the sequel are games I’d like to see on XBLA. It’s a fun game to play with friends, I never really took it seriously. As for your questions, not that I know of.


I saw Power Stone 1 at an arcade in Austin, TX like 4 years ago. Game is awesome. I played a sort of Round Robin in my physics class when one of my classmates brought his dreamcast in and I brought some of my games. I went undefeated in Soul Calibur and Power Stone. In this game, doing a kick off a ceiling and wall is a high ass tier move :china:. It’s really fun because it is probably one of the first games where to actually be good and win is use the stage to your advantage and all items at your disposable (unlike a certain video game tournament I went to for a certain game :lame:).

p.s. Please don’t flame my last comment :pleased:


Power Stone is awesome! I didn’t like the 2nd one that much because everything became way too chaotic.


Unless you went to the Capcom event a few years ago, tournaments for PS or PS2 are like non-existent in the US. I believe Hong Kong still has tourneys. There’s an arcade there I saw in a vid where they have a Power Stone 2 cab. It was pretty cool I must admit, having never seen the cab before


Great game. One of the first things that always comes to mind is “OH NO!”


childhood? you sure are young!

Great game but i always played it on Dreamcast… is there REALLY a competitive scene in Japan or somewhere? i wonder how is high level play of this…


I would just stick to playing PS on DC. It doesn’t seem like it would be the type of game to play at the arcades.


I was 9 when the came out lol. Well game was so great. I remember when playing on dreamcast, we thought losing to Gunrock was worst than losing to dan. :rofl:

Anyways here is a tournament someone posted on youtube.


That’s what it boiled down to. I have to say in this game the quicker characters are a lot better than the slower ones. I would say Falcon, Wang, and Ayame are very damn good. Ryoma wasn’t that great I thought because he couldn’t double jump. While Gunrock and T. Hawk (lol forgot this dudes name) I thought sucked. Rouge and Jack I don’t remember much but Rouge might be decent but for some reason I did not like Jack. Maybe is because he’s a creepy mummy or his helicopter arms. Then again I haven’t played this game in so long so please correct me.


Power Stone is so much fun. I wish there was a XBLA version. I’d play that in a heartbeat.


Will they ever make a new Power Stone?
Only god knows.


I usually pick samurai type characters or anyone with a katana pretty much. the only thing that sucks is that Ryoma is kinda slow so its hard to use him. Of course gunrock is slower, but at least he makes it up with power and strong hits.


QFT! I wish Capcom would release The power stone collection for xbla. I remember playing hardcode battles on the DC :rofl:


What are flying kicks and why were they not allowed?




Oh No!


Yes! Yes!


I think he meant the jump attacks. Like jumping y (kick) did a jump kick that went toward your enemy and jumping b (punch+kick) was a stomp. I know both attacks made the other person drop their stone so maybe they disallowed it because they might tempted to spam it.


I played a LOT of Power Stone 2. Its like smash but 3d. But just like smash… its too random to be tournament viable. Fun party game though!


I feel deprived I never got a chance to play Power Stone 2. I really wish GGPO and 2dfighter could emulate games like this. Or port it to current consoles.