Power Supply upgrade!

I want to upgrade my pc and firstly change the power supply, it has noise. I am considering getting one for $30. Would you say it’s worth it or can I do better one?

Having a “better” power supply will not make any difference to your PC, just your overall power consumption. (besides perhaps the ability to power more PCI-E devices like high end video cards)

So unless you’re planning to do something with “more” power there will be no difference to your PC.

Corsair is a trustworthy company for Power solutions, I use them in all my builds, if you mean you were worried about quality.

This. You better be getting something else with your power supply! Also, if you have a name brand PC, make sure it does not have some proprietary PSU. Some old desktops require odd shaped PSUs.

id get it but i don’t like mail in rebates :arazz:

This is actually nice for $30. 80 Plus certification and low price. What CPU and Video card will you be running? Depending on your answer you may want to get a higher wattage.

Having a good brand PSU is essential for the stability of your computer. If your components “sucks” on bad juice, your components will not last as long. Couple of times I’ve seen bad PSU issues where the components crapped out.

I will put up this link about PSU - I love what PC POWER & COOLING has put together as it should be known to the technicians building PCs. Pay attention to all the Myths especially the first one - bigger PSU does not mean higher electric bill - more efficient PSUs use less electricity and converting less electricty into heat.


Corsair is a good company because some of their models source from reliable makers - Seasonic. Seasonic makes high quality PSUs and also rated one of the most quietest PSU around. I’m not sure about the Corsair models that uses Channel Well PSUs.


If you want some nice reviews on PSUs check this out - http://hardocp.com/reviews/psu_power_supplies/

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It depends on what components and how big the “upgrade” is. If you’re shooting for a big overhaul, you might want to put some more $ on a more solid PSU. Not saying that Corsair is bad, but 400W is presumably “just ok” for today’s computing needs. Ofcourse, Corsair tests their PSU extensively, so the current going through the rails are really stable. How expensive is this computer upgrade project might I ask?

I would argue that 400W PSU is a possible waste of money for a recent computer.

The power supply is a very important part for the overall stability of a system, so i would recommend to expend a little extra if you have to.

Even if you don’t need it, at least an 550 to 600W is the ideal thing to have just in case you want to add more component like fans or hard drives to your computer. Also check the +12v rail if you plan to do video gaming with a new video card on the PC. Ideal number you want for that is 36-38A or more, but it all depends on the type of video card you get.

You can use this as a reference to select your wattage - http://www.pcpower.com/Power_Supply_Selector.html

You can also customize your calculations through the general wattage usage -
http://www.pcpower.com/technology/power_usage/ For the motherboard, you can read your mobo manual or just safely assume maximum @ 150watts. You can tell they’re very conservative with the numbers - look at the CPU 80- 140watts??? There are many 45nanometer CPU that draws fraction of those wattage.

I’m not endorsing PC Power & Cooling although if you go with them it wouldn’t be a bad choice. Just make sure you get a 80 plus certified PSU at the minimum.