Power up!?



what is the move to power juggernot up? and if i power him up and then call out another character, he remins powered up no?


dp+pp . . . and yeah, he stays powered up, so you never have to do it again. 1 lp, lp, headcrush should kill, except for ppl like sent.


yea but

ok he dosn’t ‘look’ powered up when u tag him out and use him as an assist, does this matter? he’s still powered up no?


he’s still powered up, and very much so. When you power him up, and switch out, you glitch him. good for you, bad for enemy. . . .:cool:


Oh Yes, The Good Old Juggy Glitch

Once you do this people start to go into “CAUTION” mode, and try to get Juggy off guard. Juggernaut is a good faker so do a Standing HP. Once the opposing character dashes in to set up Juggy you can then cancel to a HeadCrush. This does major damage specially on pop-up assist. Anyway, Juggy is also a throw dominator. Use throws as an advantage and try conecting the HP throw to a Juggernaut Punch xx HeadCrush.

A Glitch Juggy would instantly Kill any opponent beside Sentinel and another Juggernaut.



BTW you have to do NO other moves before you switch.
And if Jug comes back out on point, you lose the power up if you do it again.


I tried that and it does not kill. But this does: Glitch juggs, s.LP or c.LP, s.FP, FP earthquake, headcrusher =death :smiley:

edit: Also if they don’t flip out in time for forget to you can do a RH jugg punch…


if you want to get crazy with power,glitch juggernaut, then hit the assist with ruby heart i forgot whats its called. the ruby heart assist powers juggernaut even more.


hmmm I just tried it to play around with it and see how much more power he would get… and if you glitch him, then use rubys enhance assist it dose not add any more power… also if you do not power him up and use rubys assist it still does not give him as much power if you glitch him.



sup guys.

can you keep the Juggy glitch if you alpha-countered out?

say…I block with Juggy, my opp. tried to hit me with blocked string, I alpha-counter out/tag in XXX …

Do I KEEP the glitched Juggy?

Sorry, I don’t have a partner to test it on my DC…:frowning:




Also, after you power up you may Headcrush and then immediately DHC into something else and retain the glitch as well. I don’t have an exact number of frames to provide or anything, but the window is very small (< .5 seconds).



cool lil’ tidbits…thanks a bunch!:smiley:

and i didn’t know about the DHC retaining the glitch…:cool:


no prob, spongebob…

Any other questions, feel free to ask, I still have my goblin and a DC so I can still test things.


If you power up juggs, swap him out, then DHC into headcrush, he still permapowered?



Once you glitch up, the only way you lose it is if you do another dp+pp.

You can get it back, you’ll just have to repeat the glitch process all over again.


Thanks man.


OK This will be the end-all be all post of the Power-up glitch.

OK This will be the end-all be all post of the Power-up glitch.

Glitch Juggy - dp-PP (for those who don’t understand…forward,down,down-forwad + both Punches)

conditions for glitch:

Do no moves after you power up except tag-out(not reccomended), alpha counter, call your assist, or DHC immediately after a headcrush. Any other attack and Juggy loses the glitch.

Also…if you are snapped out while powered up, the glitch is in effect.

Thats it…nothing else…you never lose the power up…even if you are brought back in on point.

The only way to lose the glitch is to power up again and not switch out in some way. (i.e. an already glitched Juggs is on point and powers up…he needs to exit the screen while powered up (a 2nd time) …or he loses the glitch. Any actions after powering up (while powered up)…will make all your previous hard work pointless.

Anyone needing strats or tactics on how to safely power up juggs…and effectively use him as an assist or a point character just ask me or Buck…or Ed if he’s ever around



Best tactic ever for ‘safe’ power ups is Sentinel. Not only does his Y assist provide safe cover for powering up, his floating tag in is the best tag in the game. He’s not vulnerable for long, can’t be hit on the ground, and can take a beating.


This is true, however…if your saying to power up and tag Sentinel in…I’d have to disagree. It works on mall scrubs, and even some intermediate level players, but when you take it to someone who knows better, they’ll just launch. Launching may not seem sooo bad until you factor in the fact that Magnetos infinates come out off of a launch…Cable can just do RH , AHVB…stuff like that.



Properly executed, this “tag with drone cover” deal can work; it should be safe against Mag or Sent (2 landed drones will stop HSF), not so much so vs. Cable or Storm (drones angle downwards, so if one doesn’t hit her in the foot you’re both probably eating ice).

Should be good to go against anybody else.

All that said… get in the habit of countering/DHCing out. It’s a better overall solution; it’s hard to win when you give away ~50% of a teammate trying to glitch (which is what will happen if you don’t get that clean tag).