Powerfoils update?



So I’ve still not seen any word on the powerfoils for issues 4-6. My comic retailer did mention a little while back that he saw them mentioned in the previews again but that was well over a month ago.

Has anyone here seen anything recently?



Well if you want the images themselves they are available in the third Street Fighter trade paper back. Street Fighter Fighter’s Destiny. The images of Karin, Gen, and Juli with Juni that are meant for Powerfoils.


I noticed you’re making the same thread in multiple forums.

They won’t be released due to printing problems.
All foil covers for the SFII arc is included in the TPB.


Yeah, you never know who reads which forum. I don’t come here that often these days and I remember Erik saying he wasn’t going to post here at one point. Better to hedge your bets then to go wanting :smiley:

Cheers for the replys



wtf i know i haven’t been on here in a while but that sucks so there aren’t going to be powerfoils for issues 4-6 of sf2? is that just until udon are done with hd super street fighter 2 and the mangas or is that their gone completely other than the tpb? and if their gone completely does that mean that there will be no more powerfoils? what happened to making one for everyone of the street fighter characters i mean your like what 33 short of your goal.

fair play i can understand giving up the foil title covers, i could even understand them ditching the black and white raw shit but the powerfoils were decent expensive but lots of fans want them push come to shove i’d ditch having a variant cover each issue and have a powerfoil instead

what was the printing problem was it those gay vertical lines that appeared on some of the powerfoil issues in the background (i’ve seen loads of them on copies of the vega cover but i got one on my blanka and on my fei long) its weird coz i got two copies of the blanka issue and only the one has it so its not like it happens on every issue and well i don’t think the cgc give a crap about them since the one with the line was graded a 9.8 would love to know what the deal is with those though

and well one last thing does anyone know of a comprehensive list of all the variant covers because i keep seeing issues of street fighter that aren’t listed anywhere

like sf legends the cover with sakura and karin munching hot dogs but a sketch cover, sf2 0 variant (not the raw edition) and street fighter 7 df ruby foil edition

which are fakes which are real and can anyone help?