Powering "Electric Ice" buttons on Hori EX2 question

When searching through the forums, I found a thread showing a mod requiring a hex inverter, led’s, etc etc. On The site that sells the Electric Ice buttons, they sell a box that does all that, controls the lights color, etc. I emailed the website and they told me I need a 5v REGULATED(he stressed this) power supply because I told him I was pretty sure my stick couldnt power that. I am just looking for a 5v REGULATED power supply that is battery powered. Having cool lite up buttons is worthless if i have to have it plugged into the wall :frowning: When searching google, all i can find are soloar powered ones, and wall wired ones :frowning:

I have modded my hori all up and down but dont know stuff about power. I just heard that my stick has very little wiggle room for power and i would rather just buy their box that controls the lights, solder solder, pop in power supply, and be done. I am transfering the guts into a real box because i know it wont all fit and i want something nicer anyway.