Powerline HD Network Adapters

This might be more of an advertisement than anything else, so please forgive me but I have not encountered much discussion about these sort of devices here.

I just purchased D-Link’s DHP-303 Starter Kit. These work freak’n fantastic. I connected mine to a D-Link DIR-655 router to use with my fat, ceche01 PS3 console and thus far, the only lag I notice is the one naturally inherent on the PSN network. Granted, I spent a little over $100USD on these but the results are incredible, IMO! I certainly wish I had found these alittle sooner as it allows internet-enabled devices, some distance from your router, to connect through a wired connection using your home’s electrical grid as the cabling. Details here:

D-Link PowerLine HD Network Starter Kit

Using these or adapters like it may never truly be as good as a true wired PS3 connection, however, these are defintely way better than the PS3’s wireless module could ever hope to be.The D-Link version states that it capable of acheiving a theoretical throughput of 200Mbps, but realistically, one could only hope to acheive somewhere along the lines of 40-60Mbps. I guess this is due to the natural limitations of the bandwidth in the electrical lines. I could be wrong. I still do know enough technically about them yet. But after using them today to play SSFIV, I know I will never go back to wireless. If it is not obvious enough yet, izzy definitely recommends! :cool: