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Okay I’m sure not all of us have played this 4-player “fighting” game… but for those who take it seriously, you can discuss with other players. (If there are anyways…)

I use Julia and Ayame… How about you?


Jack, Rouge, and Accel are my favorites to use.


When i do play this (rarely) i use wang tang, cus he can rush some shit down. Or i use one of the secret characters, think her name was Mel.


Taht game is pretty sweet, but nobody plays it seriously so this is pointless.


Wangtang and Gunrock that shit down.


powerstone rules, but theres really no combo system so theres no point in discussing that. i gues you could go into tactics but thats kinda wierd cus its definately item based


Ya, it’s true that there isn’t a “true combo system” like other fighters where it actually tells you number of hits and all that, but since there is no blocking in the Power Stone games besides the use of shields, there are set-ups which you can use to string a series of attacks together that the opponent still can’t avoid regardless.

I guess you could call them pseudo-combos? lol.

About the items, I just put that in the category of “knowing your surroundings”. Once you learn to item catch, crates/plants/bombs whatever aren’t that much of a threat. Kinda like PS2’s version of parrying or something. The rest of the items, you just have to become familiar with dodging. Nearly every item is dodgeable in some way or makes the opponent easier to hit, which knocks the item out of their hand. Sword type weapons are the easiest to dodge while gun type weapons (mostly 3-5 way shotgun) are the hardest and that’s only if the opponent knows how to fire them right. Characters like Ayame, Falcon, Rouge, and Jack don’t have to worry about the gun weapons either since they are more mobile than the rest of the cast.

The only BS type weapon in the game I see is the Arm Gun. There is actually a way to dodge the shots from that too, but it’s hard as hell.

There quite alot to talk about the game, just depends if other people are interested as well…


Wangtang+get 3 stones+jump as high as that fucker can+shoot fireballs+drop down and do the dragon super+rinse and repeat = pwnage.


I personally like to use Galuda. His slam super is menacing and really puts a dent in your opponent’s ego. Been using him since the first one.


pete’s soldier super against sum1 in the corner does hella dmg. powerstone 2’s hella addictin when there’s 4 ppl playin…


powerstone 1 > powerstone 2


Talking about the one where all the little toy soldiers shoot a billion bullets out? In the corner, it does the weakest damage.

His electric type supers are more annoying and damaging.


Well, for P1, you could link Wang’s kick super from single fireball close range.