I just got this game today for DC, gotta say it’s awesome definetley underated(just like everything is on DC:lol: ).

I suppose Powerstone players could come in and discuss strats and what not, I’m new to the game so I’m sure people could give strats and stuff.

Anyone know where to get match vids?:lol:

^I remember in the older Powerstone threads (all deleted due to a hack attack that crashed and deleted most of the board’s threads) in Fighting Game Discussion that this one guy said that he was going to post up vids but he never did. Don’t remember the reason why.

Personally, I don’t think anyone cares enough about this game to post up match vids, but it would be cool to see though. There’s not really a lot of depth to do this game, but probably a crazy japanese guy might have some vids up…

Some PS1 talk but mostly PS2:

…Ryoma’s 99 hit combo…how do I do it?

Power Stone is a nice game…I initially liked…Gunrock…I think his name is(a big black dude with rock powers) but then I switched to the guy wid tha Rockets…what’s his name!!! :confused:
It’s been a long time so I don’t remember tha names but I do love playing that game:rock:

Oh…how do I get avatar by my name…as well as my location…I could probably find out on my own but I am feeling a bit lazy…please don’t be annoyed!!:sweat:

You have to edit your profile, under user cp. Btw, don’t be lazy like that here if you don’t want to get flamed. Just telling you what’s up.

Bear Ryoma are you jocking my chain? I don’t see how there could be an infinite possible for any character in the game.


That game is alot deeper than people realize. I remember when Gamefan blew through the competition to win an E3 tournament back in the game back in 1999…

Power Stone 1 and 2 are two of the 5 games that keep me from selling my DC.

Power Stone 1…it’s all about Gunrock. :tup:

fokker(japanese version) aka falcon(in the us version)

i second that…well that along with virtual on, the dc soul calibur, and all the other fighting games.

I only played a demo version that my cousin had a few years back. I really enjoyed the game though.

I loved powerstone 1 and 2!!! I used to play it on my DC all the damn time!! the fourplayer matches were crazy!!! Why hasn’t capcom ported this game over to the xbox/360 or made a sequel?

btw I thought gunrock was mexican? also Focker?! over here it’s falcon… much better name imo.

Fuck yeah. A bunch of my friends all had Powerstone 2 and we used to whore out our custom VMU item boxes in those 4 player brawls, shit was crrrrrrazy! Good times. :tup:

Anyone know how to dodge ayame’s bankai special thing?

Powerstone II Is THE GAME. Mad fun to play with the homies. I wish it was online

Some shit is just unavoidable. Fokkers “Ruby Heart QCF+P” type thing is like guaranteed chip damage at close range.

it was!!! :lovin:

in the fuckin JAP ver. :annoy:

Ahhh…GameFan, I liked the magazine…anyways, Power Stone is indeed awesome. I used to love Ryoma. Me and a few friends used to play it a lot, we got pretty good at the first one, but never plasyed the second one as much. If only we still played it, I would get a few match videos going, but oh well. Good times.

Chip damage? There’s no blocking in powerstone:confused:

This game is crazy fun, both 1 and 2. There’s some cool juggles you can do once your transformed, dunno about any infinites. And both games are definately deeper than people give them credit for, it’s just a different kind of depth than traditional fighters like sf.

Galuda is my boy, juggle into super throw > all.

^I thought jump kick > all if your character has a good jump kick.

Ayame double jump stomp until powered up: then super combos into attack x2 super again while your opponent is juggled pick up the stones you dropped repeat.