I wonder who had the best super?

Ayames Homing ninja star one.

It comboes into her super basic attack, where she throws some more ninja stars at you, twice. Then after you recover you can super your opponent again and while you’re opponent is juggled you can pick up the powestones you dropped. Quite cheap.

I remeber my friends and I use to play this game hours on end. I was stuck on Wang Tang because he had the whole super saying thing going on once he got all the stones. He would throw kamehameha’s, use the spirit bomb or use the kaiyoken. At least that’s what I called them. Then, I later moved over to gunrock once I really learned how to play and the whole mechanics of the game. 2vs2 was the shit. Because you could do a team attack and the person would drop their powerstones if it connected. We used to start at like 8pm and play until about 6 or 7 am. GOOD TIMES!!!


Power stone 1 and 2 were absolute the must-have games for DC. I loved both games but was it me or did PS 2 seem simpler, still fun tho. Im still waiting for power stone 3 hehe. btw on the link to that forum those ppl were saying ps2 power stone, i didnt know ps2 had power stone?

I’m pretty sure you could guard in Powerstone, I know im not crazy.:wonder:

Couldnt you pick up shields or something?

someone that actually knows his stuff :wgrin:

Yeah you could pick up shields, but shields completely nulify all damage. You don’t take chip with it, the only way to attack a shield holder is to throw them.

So ayame is top tier? I’ve been playing wang tang and falcon mostly, gunrock is kindo of slow but he has that juggernaut/zangief falling smash thingy.

Yeah I bought the game too, and versed against Ayame a lot! That’s pretty much the strat right there, super scattering shurikens x2 recover while opp. is being juggled, collect powerstones, then repeat. Her super was one of the better ones if not the best period but if I’m not mistaken it could be dodged if you time your jumpes correctly. I’ve done it before, most peeps that see the super will keep jump’n once their feet hit the floor. What I’ve done tho during the super was run on the ground for about a second, jump, land, repeat. Needless to say the direction in which you run and jump should be away from the area in which the shuriken is most concentrated (yea I kno they’re all over the place but use your best judgement here) Don’t kno if this will increase your chances but that’s what I used to do and I kno there were times where I completely dodged that sucker. Guess it also depends on the situation too, like if your cornered your probably screwed. :wasted:

Yeah, her super was very handy and it could be done twice in a row. The only problem was the damage… low damage. The way i would counter this, was to pick up and throw items as the super was still hitting my opponent

Another deadly super was accel’s (homing screw bullets) they were dangerous two of those in a row + object throwing = game over!! the only problem was being hit during the super would cancel it:sad:

I wouldnt say ayame is top teir… more like wang tang, falcon and then ayame.

WHich PS are we debating, cause the tiers are definately weay different in each game. I brought this up on a ps thread elsewhere on SRK a while back, but I think ps tiers aren’t set in stone too much cause I think the game, especially 2 is very level dependant.

Big characters, especially Gunrock and Galuda own Samurai lvl in 2 because because they both have good vertical hitting supers for the platform jumping bit and once inside the castle no one can activate supers because of the amount of ammo for Galuda and Gunrock to hurl cross screen at high speeds. Also, jar thrown dizzy than walk up super throw with Galuda x2 is instant death.

And for PS1, Wang Tang is pretty damn good, but in general I believe PS1 is pretty balanced, I don’t honestly think any of the characters suck with the exception of Kraken. I would say Ayame is top tier in PS2 though, overall. Ninja stars and double jump, nuff said. Hell even her new super in PS2 is really fricking good, you got a guaranteed super and you hit with most of those darts, lots of damage.

Oh one other thing about dodgeing supers, wall jumps are very useful for dodging supers, especially Falcon’s homing missles. And another thing I’m sure most of you know is when you’re on the ground or in a roll state you are invulnerable so when Ayame’s ninja stars come your way and you cannot avoid them completely try to get against a wall and you might get knocked against the wall in a way that you will not be juggled than you will the ground, sta grounded as long as possible before rolling out missing most of the super. That’s what I’ve done against my friends at least. And in pited levels jump off the screen lol.

Your also invulnerable if you walk over to another person and resurrect them by grabbing them. It takes half your health to do it but you dont take damage till both of you are standing. Then you could just hit them and kill them again once the attack you were trying to dodge is gone.

And about blocking. I think there was a drink that would give you super armor that might be what you mean about chip damage but I havent played Power Stone 2 in awhile.

Me and my homies are playing the hell out of Powerstone 2. Definatly one of the best games in its genre.
Powerstone 2 Tiers:
Rouge and others

Thats a pretty acurate tier list imho. Discuss!

depends on the stage like bandit chain said, but the way to find out is who is always high on the list of stages.

btw how comes nobody mentions about the blue dodging? if i can remember correctly im sure u can blue dodge near enough everything??

Ki Shima, yeah no one has mentioned dodging in general, I haven’t played too many people that had really gotten it down. I’ m decent enough at dodging normals but I honestly never really tried dodging supers, I’ve always been throw shit at them when they activate kind of guy.

And about those tiers just posted, I’ll agree that in general the top 3 that you listed are all very good characters but like Ki Shima and I think, the game is very stage dependant.

Question how do you do Gourmands uppercut? It randomly comes out but it knocks them fairly high into the air. And do any other characters have moves like that?

PS1 is one of my top 5 favorite games ever, really, while PS2 is like a watered down shell of the first. Too many stones onscreen at once, the lack of a diving kick, and the whole randomness of the stage thing made it feel less like a strategic fighter than the first. I’ve never met anyone who was into the game other than myself, unfortunately, so I can’t really comment on tiers, but Galuda is my favorite to use in the first. Aerial kick into throw super did hellacious damage. Also, yeah, the game does have a good amount of depth. The dodging mechanic is really interesting and beneficial without being too easy to do and there are al sorts of little things you discover while playing, like how you can air grab a good number of people and cancel their supers just as they activate them.

I’m not sure what more you are specifically talking about, but just experiment with the different ways you can attack to find it. I don’t use Gourmand all that much, I’ve found him pretty bad actually. His Spicy Soup super is ok, but is easily beaten out by other character’s homing supers.

But to find this uppercut you speak of, make sure it isn’t part of his standard attack string, check out using manipulate against a wall, etc. To my knowledge there are no random moves in Power Stone 1 or 2, so you just gotta figure out what circumstance it comes out in.