! Powersurge Fight Night! MvC2 Intro--Los Angles, CA 2/11/2011


Hey Guys, This Friday night Feb 11th come into
Powersurge 7-10 pm 3hrs of play one low $7.99 price
MvC2 competition $30 cash prize* and seat at our first

                           M v C 3 
    competition on Friday Night February 18th
                          $50 cash prize*
  • All games will be featured on Xbox 360
    Players are welcome to bring their own
    joysticks, if desired.


  • Default timer

No Glitching

  • Single elimination
    winner of 2 out 3 games
    will advance

  • Match-ups will be determined
    at random

  • Sides will be determined by coin flip
    Then by winner’s preference.
    Warm up with:

                                                   Super Street Fighter IV
                                                          Soul Calibur IV
                                                             TEKKEN  6
                                                    Tatsunoku vs Capcom
                                                           Naruto clash 2
                                                            Smash Bros.
                       *subject to minimum attendance of 15 paid entries.
                                             Powersurge video fun & fitness
                                                 The Howard Hughes Center
                                     (310) 410-2120 [POWERSURGE * Video Fun & Fitness](http://www.gopowersurge.com)
                                        Follow us on twitter @GoPowersurge


Okay I’ll start. No offense, but I’m going to criticize a bit.

It’s confusing how you wrote it. MvC2 is this week and MvC3 for next week?

Also your rules definitely show that you don’t really know what you’re talking about: infinite timer? best 2 out of 3 rounds for MvC2/3? I’m not an MvC2 player but I’m sure that you can’t set turbo to 1 and damage to 2 in MvC3.

Also 8$ for 3 hours of play isn’t really that cheap, especially if there’s only 30/50$ prizes. With the 15 person requirement, that’s 120$ in total for only 30$ back? 25% pot 75% venue fee won’t draw anybody.

And veeeeery last thing is you need to list what system you’re playing MvC2 on. New gen? Dreamcast? Cab?


i’m playin MvC2 on my ps2 right now.