PowerUp 2010 / Raging Storm: Ohio, Cincinnati, OH May 28-30 RESULTS

Thanks to everyone who came out this past weekend! The event was extremely fun to run, and I kept hearing from many players how much of a good time they were having, and that makes me very proud!

Video of the event can be found at:
columbusfightinggames.com via Justin.tv
PowerUp on YouTube (once I sort and edit the footage)

HUGE shoutout to Mr. Blasty of C-bus. He did an absolutely terrific job with the stream, and got a lot of variety up there for everyone to watch. Also, BIG THANKS to all the bracket runners. I’d like to point out Zach, Quentin, and Frank for handling SSFIV brackets; you guys did one hell of a job. Also, Webster, thanks so much for coming down to Ohio to run Raging Storm and just in general being a super awesome dude. Amanda, thanks for holding down the t-shirt table for me, and helping with registration and HDR brackets. You ran that very well, as to be expected! And of course, BIG THANKS to Jesse and Arcade Legends for being what really brought Dayton/Cincy together.

For anyone who’s curious, Arcade Legends is indeed closed, but never fear! As many of you may have seen, Arcade Legacy is opening up soon, also run by Jesse. I’ll let him post up details about fight nights and such, but when he does open it up for us, here’s the address:
Arcade Legacy
322 West Crescentville Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45246

www.arcadelegacyohio.com (once the site is up)



  1. Wolfkrone ($511 + $150 bonus = $661)
  2. Perfect Legend ($146 + $50 bonus = $196)
  3. Big Marcus ($73)
  4. STD
  5. Derrick Legend
  6. Octopus on Fire
  7. ParryAll
  8. Fenguard
  9. Actionhank
  10. Voulkan
  11. toiyet
  12. JoshFunkDoc
  13. BigApple3AM
  14. AaronS
  15. cheezeface immortal
  16. Kayloud
  17. Ailerus
  18. Diet Stu
  19. neon geon
  20. Pompous Puff
  21. Chat Thunder
  22. Heihachi
  23. Rusteezy
  24. SoCal
  25. HNIC Mike
  26. Arkayne
  27. ShinRonaldReagan
  28. Keits
  29. Guiseppe1
  30. Lindsey
  31. Riot Guard
  32. Humbag
  33. MyndGamez
  34. Columbus Tony
  35. PimSirRichard
  36. Grifpuma
  37. Y.b.M.
  38. Alus
  39. Fryrish
  40. JoNeZ
  41. Servo
  42. EKnarf
  43. ShinDarius
  44. The Relic
  45. Flackside
  46. ghettoontherise
  47. Face
  48. Bank
  49. rei-scarred
  50. PwnerGeist
  51. Masamune_Shadow
  52. TewL
  53. SlayerKFK
  54. LZX
  55. Avi
  56. Hanks
  57. Digimonemperor
  58. Rakae
  59. Pachi
  60. Sangsue
  61. Houtori
  62. Kyle Gallagher
  63. Otter
  64. SoHoFalco
  65. Kreggins
  66. DandyJ
  67. Uchiha Madara
  68. Dijon
  69. Unicron42
  70. Judo
  71. Joshkip
  72. Dojo Destroyer
  73. Tiberious
  74. Zinac

74 Entrants


  1. AaronS, Wolfkrone, Perfect Legend ($190)
  2. Humbag, Keits, Big Marcus ($54)
  3. Pittsburgh Team ($26)

18 teams

SSFIV 5v5 Stave v State: Round Robin

  1. Team Michigan ($200)
    STD (Dictator)
    Octopus on Fire (Blanka)
    Chat Thunder (Dhalsim)
    AaronS (Ibuki)
    Wolfkrone (Viper)
  2. Team Ohio/Kentucky I
    TewL (Boxer)
    Voulkan (Guile)
    Arkayne (Abel)
    Derrick Legend (Juri)
    Perfect Legend (Akuma) - Defeated Osirun (Honda) in FT5 for Team OH/KY I spot: 5-1
  3. Team Ohio/Kentucky II
    SoCal (Boxer)
    SoHoFalco (Chun Li)
    Walker (Guile)
    Neon Geon (Honda)
    Actionhank (Dictator)
  4. Team Indiana
    cheezeface immortal (Claw)
    Aloysius Puff
    Riot Guard (Dudley)
  5. Team Illinois
    Big Marcus (Dictator)
  6. Team WildKeits
    Keits (Cody)
    Ailerus (Abel)
    Roy Bisel (Guile)
    Josh the Funk Doc (Seth)

I didn’t see all the matches, and didn’t write down the characters each team used, sorry! Just another thing to work on for next year (not to say this will be the same main event format). Also, it should be noted that we went over time for the 5v5, and therefore most of the Indiana team had to leave. We had them play matches until their record put them in a spot where they were incapable of winning the round robin. Members of Team Illinois also had to leave, and Humbag made the call for them to drop out of the 5v5 after we went over time.


  1. Humbag-IL (Chun-li) ($56)
  2. Actionhank-OH (Urien, Ken) ($16)
  3. Big Marcus- IL (Q) ($8)
  4. Tec
  5. cheezeface immortal
  6. Kyle
  7. Riot Guard
  8. Cynosure
  9. BigApple3AM
  10. ghettoontherise
  11. Arkayne
  12. Delpheous
  13. ShinRonaldReagan
  14. Alus
  15. Servo
  16. Houtori

16 Entrants


  1. Macarthur Blunts (SL) Cinci ($105)
  2. Kyle (MA) Lexington ($30)
  3. SH_ (BA, TE) Columbus ($15)
  4. Paul
  5. Jack G
  6. Josh the Funkdoc
  7. doragonkoroshi
  8. Zinac
  9. SlyMoogle
  10. Big Zach
  11. Pope Temmy
  12. Havok
  13. Delpheous
  14. Circuitous
  15. Face

15 entrants


  1. Roy Bisel (Frank/WSOP) ($98)
  2. cheezeface immortal (Brent) ($28)
  3. mad possum (Eric) ($14)
  4. Ghaleon
  5. Josh the Funkdoc
  6. nomrah
  7. PimpSirRichard
  8. Keits
  9. Mr. Blasty
  10. Servo
  11. Unicron42
  12. ghettoontherise
  13. Sundazed
  14. SlayerKFK

14 entrants


  1. Sluch ($77 + $70 bonus = $147)
  2. Derrick Legend ($22 + $30 bonus = $52)
  3. Perfect Legend ($11)
  4. Nash
  5. EKnarf
  6. DR4GO
  7. EnterTheGecko
  8. Skeez
  9. TheRealKT
  10. DigimonEmperor
  11. The Kiest

11 entrants

T6 received a guaranteed bonus in anticipation of a larger turnout. Just thought that should be noted. We were giving money to them no matter what, and it just so happens they had low turnout this time.


  1. Keits ($77 + $50 bonus = $127)
  2. Neon Geon ($22)
  3. Flexo ($11)
    4 SlayerKFK
  4. ghettoontherise
  5. Xian
  6. Humbag
  7. Sangsue
  8. Grifpuma
  9. Pope Temmy
  10. Tewl

11 entrants

Why did TvC receive a bonus prize you ask? Well, because I love TvC and decided to put $50 of my money toward the 1st Place prize : )


  1. Rusteezy ($35)
  2. Popoblo ($15)
  3. Keits
  4. FaceMeAndBeBroken
  5. nomrah
  6. Mad possum
  7. ghettoontherise
  8. Servo

8 entrants


  1. Rusteezy ($28)
  2. Ghettoontherise ($12)
  3. MyndGamez
  4. Keits
  5. Kyle Gallagher
  6. kajoq
  7. G
  8. SlyMoogle

8 entrants


  1. Humbag ($25)

5 entrants. Winner takes all.


  1. Rei-Scarred (Bang) Indianapolis ($63)
  2. JetM (Jin, Bang) Columbus ($27)
  3. Zach (Tsubaki) Dayton

9 entrants (pot split 70/30)


  1. McLovins ($25)
  2. Brian ($10)
  3. Ghaleon
  4. Aaron
  5. nomrah
  6. Tim Static
  7. Arkayne

7 entrants round robin (pot split 70/30)

McLovins is from Cincy, and he’s a beast :tup: That is all.


  1. Mew2King ($120)
  2. Y.b.M. ($60)
  3. Hilt ($20)

20 entrants

SSBB Doubles

  1. M2K + ITT ($40)
  2. Hilt + Cr4sh ($20)
  3. Wakka + SiL

Raging Storm: Ohio

Mystery Game Tournament

  1. Face ($34)
  2. Avi ($9)
  3. DandyJ ($5)

24 entrants


  1. Derrick Legend ($45)
  2. Ghaleon ($13)
  3. FaceMeAndBeBroken ($7)
  4. Nash
  5. nomrah
  6. ghettoontherise
  7. Fugee
  8. queenie
  9. Mr. Blasty
  10. PimpSirRichard
  11. Mingie
  12. level9
  13. 4thgate

13 entrants


  1. DandyJ ($28)
  2. Dojo Destroyer ($12)
  3. Necronomicron
  4. Dr4go
  5. ghettoontherise
  6. Shin Darius
  7. Digimonemperor
  8. Sinow Beat

8 entrants


  1. Dojo Destroyer ($28)
  2. DandyJ ($7)
  3. 4thgate
  4. Avi
  5. Ghaleon
  6. digimonemperor
  7. level9

7 entrants


  1. Tiggy ($40)
  2. The Sly Moogle ($10)
  3. Dandy J
  4. Pope Temmy
  5. Webster (dropped out)

5 man round robin



  1. Humbag ($15)
  2. Dandy J ($10)
  3. Keits

5 entrants

I will be finishing results of the remaining games in the next few days.

can u also tell me who was on each 5 on 5 team?

Okay I am going to say this politely:

Dandy J if you are going to talk behind my back to the point where a live commentator is talking about it, then I need to present the following to you:

In Minnesota at Raging Storm Minnesota Grand Finals in October:

$200 Money match ft10 in 98UM.
$200 Money Match ft10 in 2002 UM.
(And no I do not feel I need to use Geese at all!)

Those are my stipulations. If you doubt anything go to the end of that live stream and see what the commentator is saying. If you have the nerve to say that then all I am saying is be willing to back it up or do not say it in the first place.

You will also have another shot at Dojo Destroyer in 2k2UM since he won the tournament.

That is my offer, and since you are so sure about it I will not go any lower, ONLY HIGHER in regards to the amount of money. I was seriously considering two $500 money matches, but I was convinced to go lower, I will not go any lower than $200.

Think about it and get back to me…


I dont recall speaking of anything bad about you infact dandy J has never said anything negative toward you in the least I would make a highlight so I can see what I said to make you upset at J because I assure you it was taken out of context.

Take a look around the one hour mark and continue to watch until you see my name spoken from the announcer. It does not take that long either until my name is spoken in regards to what Dandy J says and feels, and all I am doing is just holding people accountable for it that is all.

I am willing to let it go believe you me, I just want to bring it to his (and whoever else) attention and get to the bottom of it.


Hey guys GG’s thanks for running this.

GG results I think look like this

1st. Macarthur Blunts (SL) Cinci
2nd. Kyle (MA) Lexington
3rd. SH_ (BA, TE) Columbus

After 3rd I get kind of hazy… This weekend was rough for me I’m exhausted.

i just watched the video for like 20 minutes instead of hanging out with my friends i am sitting on a laptop wasting my time typing this crap so i am going to say this not politely in any way

how about i give you 500 dollars to stop posting stupid shit on the internet? please stop turning off potential players from the games i like by posting this kind of crap. seriously like 90% of what you post is negative, and has nothing but a negative effect on the fighting game scene. didnt i say this before? but you never listen to anyone so most of the time i ignore it and dont bother. but since you come after me for no reason ill give you a response!

heres something you might not know: if you post things on a public internet forum that anyone can read, someone might talk about it! wow! i guess anytime someone mentions your name that counts as ‘talking behind your back’? maybe we should put everything anyone says about you into a database so it can be cleared by you. ill even pay for the hosting. well call it www.italkedaboutdarkgeese.com and well have a little form where people can enter what they said, where it was and at what time they said it. that sound cool?

but serious wtf are you talking about? i swear you dont even like these games. do you even like to play games? all you talk about is other people talking shit, talking shit about other people, acting holier than-thou and demanding respect or whatever. you seem to be super paranoid in your own world thinking everyone is out to get you or something. here’s something you might not know: no one cares

anyway, im tired of it. i just like to play games and have a good time and get better. i am not rich and i am not some world champion that wants to travel around the globe playing a video game.

anyway i am going to back to playing games w/ my bros and enjoy my weekend. im sorry you think im like out to get you or something shrug

ps tournament was awesome, everyone was awesome, the best and funnest tournament ive ever been to. shoutouts tomorrow or something! well cya

If I make a video saying DARKGEESE IS BAD can I get called out for a money match too?

DG I watched the entire thing for 2k2 I heard not one thing I said bad about you not 1 not a single thing im sorry if something I said may have offended you my friend but you are welcome to bad mouth me on your stream all you want :slight_smile:

Tourney kicked ass thanks to jesse and nathan for having me out it was a blast
thank you all for having me out I had to many interactions that I cant really justify doing shout outs the stream was great tons of entertainment from all of you I had a ton of fun!

I clicked on it

Dandy J: All I gotta say is I hold people accountable when they talk shit that is all. Call it paranoid, I call it respect. I call it Equal Opportunity AK (Ass Kicker). I’ve noticed it really here too, people that talk behind my back on chat rooms etc, but aren’t willing to say anything about it to me personally, I am simply not about that. If that is going to turn away potential players than I am perfectly fine with that, I do not want to associate or even recruit people that are two faced in anyway shape or fashion. I’d rather not even deal with it, but I will not run away from it. People need to be held accountable to their actions haven’t I told you that Dandy J? Okay then that means we are even.

Now what I heard on stream was stuff of this nature:

“Dandy J says that Dark Geese is not as good as he thinks he is, he gives him no credit blah blah blah.”

If you all want I will be glad to find this exactly where it is in one of the feeds. If not then we can just drop it and move on.

I’ve also noticed this is a trait I’ve seen in the USA moreso than anywhere, and it is very troubling to me.

Now with that said since I see this is not going anywhere I will proceed to drop it it’s over and done with if you guys are.

MrBlasty- No problem it’s all good man.

That wasn’t even about you, it was the guy he was playing. You were only mentioned in name as knowing the other guy or something. Maybe you’ve started unlearning the english language as part of trying to become more mexican perhaps?

“…” - Emil, 2006

Awesome weekend. PowerUp was the most fun I’ve had around gaming since Seasons Beatings. As someone who’s pretty new around here, it was awesome to meet or see a lot of people that I would hear about or see doing active things for the fighting game community.

Jesse and Nathan: Thank you both for an amazing weekend. No matter what snags you guys may have hit and some minor issues, almost everyone had a great time. That’s all that matters at the end of it all.

Keith: I already said thanks for letting me stay there, but thanks in general for hosting so many people and providing a place for everyone to play, crash, and shower up.

Brent: Never be “professional” and stay “amateurish” because everyone around here appreciates it. I was hanging out behind the stream table just to get a laugh or two when taking a break from playing shit. Plus you’re not an amateur at games either. Fist or Twist champion. lol

Cody: Thanks for being my drunk buddy at Keith’s, but man next time take it easy… :rofl: Hope you enjoy my camera work. “What’s this for Cody?” “Ahhh… you know… memories.” hahaha.

Mike South: And now I know the guy the thread is titled after! Nice meeting you and getting schooled by you in Battle Coliseum. Thanks for sandbagging and not picking Neo-Dio though.

Everyone else: Good times, good games. Glad to see people coming together like this and sharing what they love to do.

BB top 3:

  1. Rei-Scarred (Bang) Indianapolis
  2. JetM (Jin, Bang) Columbus
  3. Zach (Tsubaki) Dayton

As I say I will just drop it for now, it’s not going anywhere so I’m just gonna drop it.

lol that is correct I said that about dojo and what I said about you was only that dojo talked shit about you on the mwc stream plain as day not sure how the confusion occurred thats why i wanted you to highlight it DG because as I said I was sure I had never said anything bad because I never heard anything bad to have anything to say.

Okay cool.

I’ll post shout outs a lil later. Top 3 for 3s was:

  1. Humbag-IL (Chun-li)
  2. Actionhank-OH (Urien, Ken)
  3. Big Marcus- IL (Q)

What’s the matter? Is pointing out the time on a video too much effort for you? Do you really expect people would start caring and looks out for you?

Sure. I’ll update the OP with that info.

No prob, Mac, and thanks a lot! I’ve got the payout and entrant number records, just not the brackets XD
I spaced on picking those up from Jesse.

Thanks for the kind words, Matt. I appreciate it! Also, thanks for the BB results. Next tourney I’ll remember to pick brackets up from all the TOs, lol.