PowerUp Podcast: Midwest FGC and Beyond


It’d be great to have you on the podcast. I appreciate what you tried to do those couple years back. As I read the thread I believe the only thing that hampered your progress was the idea of ranking the players. That’s one area where I’m hands off. Let the tournaments and other events decide, in my opinion, and I’ll try to get people to travel out to them.

I also found this post in that thread encouraging:

More or less, that’s pretty much what PowerUp is.

Anyway, I’ll drop you a pm soon, or vice versa, and we can start working out a date and time for the podcast. I hope that all of my guests return for many more podcasts, so don’t worry about trying to get everything covered in one sitting.

@Vega: It was great to have you! Hopefully we can podcast again in the future. It’ll be awesome to meet you at AL, I’m looking forward to it.

@Rakae: Lovin’ it, thanks for the support! Would you be interested in doing a podcast? The more episodes the better.


I’m relatively new to the scene but i’m interested in helping out with running tournaments and generally improving the community.

I will also be recording footage at every tournament i’ll be able to go to.


Glad to see you’re getting some hits, Nathan. Doing the podcasts are a lot of fun – I don’t think you’ll have a problem keeping them interesting and finding candidates :wink:


Lotta active players in the midwest, that’s for sure


great idea this is… we need something like this badly… i hate how the midwest (and every other are aside from the coasts) is left out of major happenings… but it looks as tho there is an end to that near with this little number… if you ever need filler or anything feel free to exploit me… im %100 serious about my competitive gaming, i plan on becoming as skilled as possible and going pro, and i’m attending evo in just 3 weeks… so yea


The comp is just much higher on the coasts – Midwest only has a couple people that place highly or are a threat to win in their respective games at majors (GG is exceptionally high-level in MW though).

I think for the Midwest to grow more top players, people need to ask why that is (as Nathan asked me), and more closely examine what the coasts are doing in terms of skill instead of assuming MW is getting little credit unjustly.

From my personal experience, I can say that when I started getting OK at 3rd Strike I thought I could beat almost anyone. I went to Final Round 8 w/ Fugee + friends trying to make some waves in 3s – I beat some really good people in casuals, got to play (and lose) to top names and got 5th in the tourney by virtue of not really having to play anybody crazy good.

At that time I just played, I didn’t see the gap between myself and top players, for ex the NE crew, who were REALLY good but I was getting wins off of because my play style was really raw. Fugee, Tim and I would have arguments about skill vs. experience, things like that.

The more I got into 3s and the more I traveled I realized how bad I sucked at 3s on the overall.

IMO Becoming a top player requires

A: Drive
B: Confidence
C: Knowledge
D: Experience
E: The high-level ability to tell what makes top players successful, and knowing what they’re doing that you’re not.

Just my two cents on how people get to the highest level. Those points can sound like they’re at odds with each other, but when you become a high-level player they actually work in tandem and reinforce each other.



I think you just provided an outline for another podcast Ghaleon! The detail that one could go into on those topics is immense.


I’d be down. I have some other ideas on who you can get to talk about stuff like that too. I’ll let you know


When will your next podcast be and at what time? I want to write down a list of things I want to discuss about ahead of time.

Brent: Hey, man. Sucks that you couldn’t make it to MWC. Right now, I’m staying away from HDR and SF4 on live (although I’ll definitely play those games), since I don’t have a stick for the X360. I hate playing on pad and it has frustrated me, knowing that I could do much more… I’m just waiting for the TE stick to show up in stock. For the time being, I’ll be playing ST on GGPO or 2DF.

Osirun: I can understand what you mean by rankings, again, these were ideas that I had that I thought would encourage competition and getting better, but this doesn’t seem like a popular idea, so I don’t talk about it much anymore.


I release the podcasts every two weeks, and the next release is tomorrow. I usually upload and get everything onto the site around 10am. I record whenever I have free time. It just depends on when my schedule and the guest’s mesh together.

I make up a general outline for the conversation, but I’m always open to ideas and topics from the guests.


cool stuff


Nathan and I did another podcast, with NKI. It should turn out pretty awesome. He gave out some great advice on what makes a top player + high-level fighting games, and also some great ST-specific tactics.

Nathan, did you still plan on posting the Season’s Beatings podcast a week or two after Evo? Is the one with Brent (Vega) the next one slated to go up? That one was a lot of fun too.

Also, even if you don’t play Smash, the SSBB podcast Nathan did with the Cincy Brawl cool is pretty sweet. Informative and gives you a good view of what’s going on in that other fighting scene :wink:

Yeah, I don’t think we need rankings since the Midwest is too large to do any kind of ranbat/ladder thing. Tournament placing + word of mouth are really all the rankings we need, esp when overall it’s the top players nationally we should all measure ourselves against, most of whom are not from our respective regions.


It’d be great to hear what the SF4 Midwest team’s thoughts are before Evo seeing as how most of them have never been on the big screen at Vegas. Or a post Evo interview would be good too.


Nathan btw, I would take out some of the non-MW states in your tourney listings. That’s a looong list man and I don’t think you need EC (NY, VA, etc.) represented on there. Plus less work for you, since that must take a long time to keep that updated for all the communities

btw if you wanted to start collecting the player profiles, I can write one up. Maybe you haven’t gotten many from say the Dayton crew because people aren’t sure of the format? Cos I really like the idea of having that database for the MW.


damn, when i did my pod cast, it was about how to survive in the wild by identifying different types of fruits, nuts, and fungus


Spores, molds & fungus > fruit


That’s a great idea. You definitely have my approval :china:.


Sup Egon.


There are a bunch of interviews done for players in the Cincinnati/Dayton area done by Phil(Dr4go on SRK) and put on his Cincy Tekken myspace page. If you send him a PM I’m sure he’d let you use some of them for your website if you credit him for them or something.


good stuff:china: