PowerUp Podcast: Midwest FGC and Beyond


good stuff:china:


Who the best? the midwest!


This is exactly what we need! Do you have any plans for tournament coverage? I’d love to help if I’m at a tourney. It will give me something to do when I go two and out.


I just sent my email with info for the Midwest Roundup.

I’m really liking the idea behind the site.

Maybe it would be cool to add a couple of youtube vids at the bottom of each player’s page showing off some of their matches.


I’ve actually been given the idea by a friend to go to a slew of Midwest tournies and put together a documentary. We’ll see where the idea goes, but I’m hopeful!

Your assistance would be appreciated, and first it’s a matter of determining the format of the documentary.

That’s something that I’ve always offered to the players, as long as they provide me with the links to their YouTube videos I’d love to embed them in their biography pages. Or, using my biography page for example, simply provide a text link to their YouTube channel.


I request a sticky.

Osirun, I think that the Midwest Roundup should just be one long list. People can Ctrl+F if they want to find someone. It’s a little clunky now, especially with only 3 or 4 names under each section.


haha i like how that thread degenerated into “whos the best at 3s” and then died off

this site seems like its more focussed on smash then anything else? maybe im just missing the point but it seems like there are good intentions here

stickied for now


This is a cool idea, glad it got stickied or id never see it lol. Woah since when is smash brothers a fighting game lol. Too many smash players on it…and they smell.


Can we please not have the smash talk in this thread?

I’m sure there is one or two “smash sucks” threads in FGD if you really need to talk about it.


ya try and not destroy this thread like the way of the last one lol


Before you decide to read or not to read my huge wall of text below, please take a look at the OP, which has a little update at the bottom showing some upcoming podcasts!

Yep, you and Brent are going up this Friday, the 10th. The SB podcast is currently being saved for Sept. 18th, approximately a month from SB. That still cool?

Point taken about the Tourney Listing. It would be a lot less work, and the focus should be on the Midwest. At the time I wanted to get stuff close to Ohio, but as the content of the site has grown into the original scope I intended, I think you’re right that taking out those other states would be beneficial.

Yes! Please write one up, that’d be excellent! You can find the questionnaire right here

All the instructions about the picture, match vids, etcetera are right there.

I was thinking of the future when I split up the lists, when name upon name would grace the Roundup. But point taken. I think I’d have to put a little Ctrl+F disclaimer at the top of the page so people don’t complain about just having a long list.

Having one long list would also be A LOT easier to maintain. I could also very easily group players by state, just like on the Tournament Listing page.

I’d probably just have the whole thing organized by Nickname/Handle, and leave the real names to the actual bio pages. Most people know each other by nickname anyway, so it’d work out in most instances.

A most excellent suggestion, and I’ll have to get that done soon.

The Midwest Roundup has mostly Smash players right now because they were the first group of people I got to fill out the questionnaire. As stated on the About page of the site, I’m for all fighting games as long as they have a lively, thriving competitive community. I’m attending the SFIV, 3S ranbat and BB after-tourney this Saturday at Arcade Legends, and I’ll be trying to get as many players as possible to fill out the questionnaire, so expect many more biographies that aren’t Smash oriented.

Many of the podcasts have been focused on Capcom games, and I recently recorded one with Syxx talking about Tekken. Only two podcasts have been done on Smash, so it’s all in pretty good balance for now.

Btw, thank you so much for the sticky!

Thanks for the compliment. I’m also glad it got stickied.

Now now, no Smash bashing here please.

Many more Capcom-only and other players will be added once this weekend rolls around for the SFIV / 3S ranbats. In the meantime, would you like to be in the Roundup? The questionnaire is right there on the site and I’d appreciate you taking part.

And I’d say it’s about 50/50 with Smash player smell, at least for the ones I’ve met. Some have a little tang about them, but others are fairly fresh.


Haha love the reply man, yeah im going to take part soon as I can.


Osirun, we can talk more in PM if you’d like, but if you do need help in putting together a documentary of sorts, I just graduted from college with a film and media production degree and I know my way around audio and video recording equipment as well as editing. Just throwing that out there.


Osirun, are we still going to do that podcast sometime in August?


Someone last year approached Fugee and I about doing a doc and filming stuff at SB, which he bailed on basically. If you’re interested in covering this year’s, let me know and we can talk about it more.


I’ve sent you an email with some details. Should be a good podcast!

That would be great. Anchor (Amanda) also had the idea to do a Midwest documentary, where footage would come from various tournaments and states.

There could be an SB only documentary, and with permission some of the footage could be used in a project covering as much of the Midwest as possible. We’ll definitely have to talk about this more.


Are you going to be doing much with Evo or at Evo?


I can’t go to EVO this year, but I’m planning on next year. I’ll have to find something productive to do there for the Midwest. Not sure what right now, but I’ve got a year to think about it!


bout time this got stickied, good looking out


The firestorm has started.

I’m glad you’re taking my idea seriously! you know I’m with you all the way. :slight_smile: We’ll be road warriors together.

Lee knows what I want for our anniversary. Hopefully I’ll get a sweet Camera and we can record together.