PowerUp Podcast: Midwest FGC and Beyond


@Jarekov: As long as the events are being held in a public location then that is going to be your best chance to meet community members. Everyone had to get to know each other there starting from the ground up; all you have to do is not be afraid to say “Good Games” and “I Got Next” : )


PowerUp Podcast Season 3 is now officially concluded. I wanted to get one more episode in before PowerUp 2012, but I’ve just been too busy!

Thanks to all the listeners and I hope you look forward to Season 4 when it starts up after PowerUp 2012.


Hey guys. The second edition of Michiana Clash will be on June 16th. For all of you not planning on going to CEO, there will be $1000 in pot bonuses between the 4 games! RSVP on Facebook so we can get a rough estimate of how many are showing up. Hope to see you all out there!


Ummmm, I was thinkin about stopping by just to catch up with some of the cats I haven’t seen in a while and maybe take pics and shoot video. Do I have to pay $15 just to do all of that (considering I won’t be gaming and probably will only be there for an hour or so).




@black shoemaker: poop indeed, sir.

Anyway, wanted to drop in and let everyone know that the next season of the PowerUp Podcast will start after UFGT8. I’m taking a break until after that event and am looking forward to producing some intellectually provocative conversations for all you listeners. All the changes in the FGC (and sometimes lack of change) are ripe topics for discussion.

Talk to you later!


The PowerUp Podcast Season 4 has begun. Recording for Episode #77 is complete and it should be released by this upcoming Friday, June 8th!


KO//CON coming Fall 2012.


Episode #77 is here!

Undamned has been working on a project that has great potential to aid in the rekindling of interest in such as Super Street Fighter II Turbo, Vampire Savior, X-Men vs Street Fighter, and more! Even for the non-fighting game fan this UD-CPS2 is brimming with possibilities. Imagine a Super Gun, allowing you to play arcade boards on the go, and now imagine that device streamlined and super sleek. The UD-CPS2 is shaping up to be a wonderful tool for the fighting game community and arcade enthusiasts alike.


Episode #78 is here!

We here in Cincinnati, OH really do love us some Vampire Savior. We try very hard to be good at the game even though it gets very little attention outside of us. Save for the small pockets of players still in Illinois, California, and on the East Coast it seems like the resurgence of Vampire Savior may be reaching its peak. There has been so much teasing about a Darkstalkers 4 from Capcom that it got local community head Kyle Wattula thinking about what makes Vampire Savior as unique as it is. He wanted a plethora of opinions and put together a group to discuss their love of VS and their hopes and fears for a potential DS4.


Episode #79 is here!

MINE has been out of the competitive circuit for several months after his second place success at SoCal Regionals 2011. He wanted to come on to discuss why he had to take a break and how hype he is to be back! With EVO 2012 mere days away I can only hope that MINE has been putting in serious grind time with UMvC3. His passion for UMvC3 has gone on throughout his break and he is ready to lay down his opinion on UMvC3′s top teams, characters and players just in time for the biggest event of the year.


Updated the OP. The PowerUp Podcast is back on indefinite hiatus, but I welcome anyone who would like to voice their opinion to contact me with topics relevant to the fighting game community. Chances are we can set up an interview.

The PowerUp website will keep updating, however, with our two new features: Mystery 101 & ProTO

Please go the OP to read more about these new offerings coming soon to PowerUp!


you should do one about the recent “events” going on in the FGC


Which “events” do you speak of, good sir?

If you’d like to come back on the show for an episode I’m certainly down for it. Let me know : )


sure whenever your ready :smiley:


Hey osirun whats up bro, not sure if you still remember me, its Jorge, from wichita,ks.

The group is still going strong and we have steadily grown over this last year that has passed,which of course makes me very happy, just thought i should drop by and say hello to you every once in a while.


Hey Jorge! Of course I remember you guys. Glad to hear you and the players in your area are doing well. Sorry it took me way, way too long to reply. To be honest SRK has kind of become limited in use for me next to Facebook and Twitter.

Speaking of, I would like to mention that this thread will no longer be updated. If it is still being stickied in the forums, that can also be removed if the moderator sees fit to do so.

PowerUp is not going anywhere, though! The website is still regularly updated, and as I alluded to, Facebook and Twitter are where you can find event updates, general news, and whatever else seems interesting to post about.

Crazy how things can change over just a few years : )



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I miss this podcast. =)


That’s kind of you to say : )