Pownz E-sports Championship - ROUND 2 - Huether Hotel Waterloo - RESULTS THREAD

Pownz E-sports Championship - ROUND 2 - Huether Hotel Waterloo - RESULTS THREAD

Street Fighter IV Results

1 Js Master
2 DaFlipMastaXV
3 Rebelo
4 Chaos2d
5 Blitzman G
5 SpiralGuy
7 Traininho
7 Dice01
9 Buddah
9 RPGv2
9 Saco Jericho
9 Nagata Lock II
13 L-Leet
13 LedHendrix
13 Noodleman
13 YellowS4
17 Patrick
17 Kamikazi
17 Fareed
17 PsychoChronic
17 Anton
17 Peter
17 KY-Ant
17 Wilson
25 Mtrann66
25 Killa Cam
25 RXS
25 JesseJabz
25 WB!
25 Rodstarr
25 Magic
25 Christian
33 Inhuman
33 JTN
33 Zoso
33 Ben
33 Drekken
33 Tik-Tok
33 Karhol
33 Bill307
33 outlawsouljah
33 Fernando
33 Marv
33 Jason
33 Itladaniel
33 Danvan
33 ShaneWalker
33 Rb_9999
49 Phi
49 Deira
49 Louis
49 Krayzie

Great tournament! GET HYPE HALIFAX!

Congratulations to JS Master

Who the fuck plays casuals 2 out of 3 or 4 out of 7.

Anyway, got what I asked for, a Teddy and JS final. Good shit.

Really disappointed in my play. Little things would have made all the difference. This was a real wake up call.

Thanks to Drekken for organizing and Vince for directing.

See you all in March.

good shit JS and Teddy.

ggs to everyone i played. it was nice to play good players instead of grinding it out in CE.

Congrats JS, good shit teddy!

This tournament was great. I sucked, but had a great time none the less. Thanks for the coaching Nagata, hopefully I can take it and improve. Thanks to everyone from POWNZ for putting on such an awesome event. It was great to meet everyone, and next time Waterloo won’t let everyone off so easy :slight_smile: hahaha.

yo vince is there videos going to be posted or a stream, good games to all took teddy for granted and lost goes to show never to count sumone out i owayz go into the rufus match thinking its free but that fat ass can turn around life lead so fast


Good shit to the top 5, really wish the stream had been running, looks like everyone stepped their game up.

2 DaFlipMastaXV
3 Rebelo
4 Chaos2d


Get dat spot teddy. GS JS.


grats to js master the best player in canada!
viva la stc!

i think everyone can agree that i’m the 2nd best rufus in T.O now.

GGs to all… i’m impressed by sauga… this is the way it’s supposed to be
STC > Sauga > rest of “GTASF”

big thanks to the Drekken/RXS/nagata for running this tournament fast/efficient. The 2 mins disqualification rule is actually in effect!

Thanks to Drekken and Vince for running this

Good times hanging out with everybody. Thanks to Justin for the ride

Uploading random videos that were shot to this playlist.

Waterloo is crazy with all the one way streets, we got mindfucked by a women driving the wrong way into traffic.

note to self: on a TE stick set it to DP and not LS or you can’t do shit.

Good shit Eric. that was proper. not even gonna lie.

YellowS4 finally got his revenge from SoGo lol. lucky 720s.
Im going to take Nagata Lock II and YellowS4 down next time. $50.

i’ll put $10 on Nagata on this one.

Also, I didn’t go 0-2 LOL. I actually had that first opponent read real good. I mind fucked him hard. GG’s to Rebelo though. I actually thought I played really solidly against you. Following Rey’s advice was the goodness :).

Drekken - LOL. I can’t believe I had to peace you out. The shit talk will continue to build our brotherhood at POWNZ. Pus Goblin!

Thanks to everyone who came out. FEAR THE DQ lol.

Not playing like that you won’t. Get thrown more.

Had loads of fun!! Great tourney!
Thanx Pownz!!!

Your gimmicks won’t touch me next time.

JS beat me in a race to 5 in 3s last night for $100