Pownz e-Sports Championship Round 5 - 04/10/2010 - Crooked Cue Mississauga

You asked for it, and we’re bringing it! It’s time for Mississauga to get it’s shot for a spot at the Pownz e-Sports Championship final.

Date: Saturday, April 10th, 2010

Crooked Cue
75 Lakeshore Road East.
Mississauga, Ontario

Prizes/Prize pool breakdown:

  1. 70% of collected Prize pool + $400 + Prize Package + Qualification and entry for AnimeNorth 2010 Finals!
  2. 20% of collected Prize pool
  3. 10% of collected Prize pool

Official Tournament:
Street Fighter IV

11:00am - Registration begins
12:00pm - Street Fighter IV begins

Venue Fee: $10.50

Format for official games:
Street Fighter IV (Xbox 360)
$10 entry
Double elimination tournament [99 sec timer]
2 out of 3 games per match
3 out of 5 games per semi final match
4 out of 7 games grand finals


Register Here

getting hype :smiley: just registered.

K well I’ve been talking about it since I won Pownz so Here it is… ill try to be as serious as possible but remember im still high and smoking while im writing this… I dunno if it will be as good as sauga’s list but ill try.

Here it goes

BlitzMan_G’s Predictions for the Upcoming Qualifiers…(Im So Stoned LOL)

People Who I Strongly Believe Will Win ($agats and Rufu$)


Teddy already said a lot but what can be said coming from the VP of team getty? As one of his main rivals, I’d say his problem is the same as mine before. Defense Defense Defense, i think he spiralguy gets better at Combo Breaker! or stopping the flow of the other persons rushdown, there is no doubt in my mind he will win. After all he did win TV #1 and hes hungry for another win as its been a while. Being the best Sagat in GTA, you can never count him out due to trades, destruction, and jhakglnasljkgn forward RH… Get that Sagat training kiddies cause ive been hit with that ultra more then you taking a shit in the toilet. As long as SpiralGuy stays focused and not get mind trashed… I think he can win… He’d win for sure if he (SMOKED MORE WEED)

Mr.Trite aka Trent Steel aka pioneer of Team Discovery Channel

Right now I think he has the best akuma in GTA (Sorry Chris I STILL LOVE YOU! i mean Shwarma), I think he has an edge over most players because he has the same attitude towards winning the tourney as me and some other peoples. The trick is TO NOT CARE! Trite is easily one of the best players in GTA and has match-up knowledge like… how Dr. Frink has a flying motorcycle… Im rooting for you trite, I really believe you can win this and rape anyone who stands in Max powers and Trent Steels way… Although you would be more top tier if your BURNED before tourney!


Eric Hai

Ugh there isnt much to say… hes toronto’s daigo that is quite the opposite of daigo tourney nerves… Althought Ehai has a daigo mindset and play style in casuals… he needs to stop CHOKING! in MM and Tournies, otherwise I like him beating most people for free… (Cough Trini) I think if he smokes some weed, plays chill, and just has fun instead of being burdened with pressure, half team getty member ehai will win

Mr. Teddy Bauza

My belief hes Sauga’s Finest ATM (Dunno he might have to play it out). He got 2nd at the waterloo tourney and is constantly getting better… If he doesnt drop it (in leg racing and in sf4) I believe he has a great shot at winning… Teddy my advice to you is to keep your cool, dont get mindf*cked, if you drop a combo, just continue on. Blazing all Tourney to give you Kindevu powers might work for you like it did for me HAR HAR HAR =D

Secret Sauga

Its hard to write about rebelo, buddah, and chris CAUSE ALL OF YOU PLAY TOGETHER CONSTANTLY! Chris is fully able to beat a high percentage of GTASF although he does get randomed out sometimes for being random himself, if he plays solid and doesnt get mindfucked… id bet on him in GF. Rebelo… what can I say about the person who thinks hes the 2nd best in GTA? GO GUILE! I heard he stopped random Flashkicks so thats pretty scary and he did win the MM for best guile in GTASF… never count him out… (unless your blitzman) LOL. Buddah… who took the best seth torch from me, its ok danny you’ll always be #2 in my book LOL!!! nah JK danny being the nice guy he is, not a lot of people wanna believe in him due to the fact that he is using seth now, but let me tell you guys something GETTING THAT FAR IN TOURNEY with seth is NOT easy. I give you a lot of credit and hopefully you can accomplish something i was never able to do… win a tourney with seth
(Secret Sauga would win for sure if they sat down once in a while and SMOKED WEED!

Best of luck to these guys above me Im rooting for you all!

People who are underdogs but id bet on them anyways (excluding some matches like Led vs Gief)

Traninho: (Screw you coaches brother) Damn cjab

Ugh this kid gives me trouble sometimes… Back Dash and Jump back fierce is all i think about when it comes to Traninho… although he has an edge over most people he doesnt have an edge at all vs some. he could be unlucky and run into people he thinks he cant beat at all like ehai or spiral as an example. Sorry dennis if its you vs led… im cheering my coach led… although traninho will win if he comes and burns with me before hand… it will be JS’ house all over again =D watch traninho fall asleep in top 8 LOL

Led Hendrix (My Coach)

I honestly think Led is one of the smartest players… when hes not playing and trying to help you win, i think hes knowledgeable and good at realizing when other plays adapt… If he can apply the great knowledge and info he gave me to his own game (and picked a better character) i think he has a good chance of winning… NO GIEFS, NO RUFU$, MORE WEED!

Nagata Lock:

Ugh Fun-Li… I enjoy watching her play as i think shes a easy/hard character to use. If nagata has been training these weeks like hes said then I dont see why I wouldnt bet on him, unless he tells me not to. If he throws the shit out of everyone and wins a qaul 5 id laugh and make fun of everyone for my former problem of not teching throws :D. I can see him able to beat anyone in the GTASF maybe not win all sets but hes definitely not to be underestimated. SMOKE MORE WEED! and airthrows will come…


Play more viper, attend med school, be a doctor, prescribe me drugs… lets start a Street Pharmacy business together… after you win qaul 5 - 6


Plays different then Led… I can see him win if he puts in more practice and uses his Master Rufus… Stop losing on my Starcraft 2 and win yourself a qaul so you can buy my Starcraft 2 for $250 =D
ps. smoke more weed and you will win (BlitzMan’s Fortune cookie told me that at pownz) and it worked…

Dark_Dragon (BlitzMans 5th student in Mvc2,GG,BB)

Man, you guys dont even know that Master Dragon taught me how to play sf4 and if he wasnt giving mercy to you fools he could win if he wanted to… just like he does in blazeblue continuum shit… no wait bad example… wins in marvel after i trained his godlike ninja,doom,blackest character team.
If he decides to smoke weed before the tournament and releases Jam on you fools… Master Dragon > GTASF

Upcoming Stars who are gonna win Qaul 6 (This isnt gonna be long cause they still finding their talent/style)

Dropping the scrub gief for Rufu$… I’d bet on Tik-Tok over a lot of people if I get some rufus training with him, other then that he has a good mindset for tourneys (Smokes weed) and will random you guys out if you arent prepared

Tatenda aka Lion King’s cousin

Although he lost to me and Mutumbo at ABG 2009 (African Battle Guantlet 2009) hes not part of team STC and you know team STC… you can never count them out… I wonder if he can pull it together for a good run in the tourney and if he can prevail for team STC over the Future of Team Getty Nguman… PS smoke more weed… not my weed buy your own

Nguman aka ill own tatenda

Getting better slowly, but dont worry the pace will pick up soon… i think you will rape tatenda after getty training… sorry TAT
Learning is always the hardest part so don’t give up… Try to push your tourney record to 4 - 2!

Nameless and Fadi Gief are gonna randomly show up and rape you all! Norman and Flushes will teleport and tear you a new bumhole!

List doesn’t matter. Teddy wins if he feels like executing.

The rest of you are just speed bumps on my road to second place.

Yours truly,
Bracket spoiler

This is the furthest possible sauga location in sauga.

Hahah have to agree.

i almost have a chance to come top 8!

gief is too strong

Waterloo represented on that list, I love it!

Tik-Tok is our prodigy, the secret has finally been let out…

i think the moral of the story is smoking up is the breakfast of champions

Davero, Js Master, DiceO1, Blitzman_G

If you can guess the sobber one you get $5 dolla

blitzman obviously

clearly, some efforts need to be made in the competitive street fighter scene to stem the use of performance enhancing drugs.

+1 for piss tests before major tournaments!

you guys are making a MOCKERY of this sport.

ohh snap you just called SF a sport lol

Ehai’s gonna win.

Vega will win. Nuff said.


I’m using Hakan.

i concur with this statement provided he’s been training akuma hard, or picks ryu.

LOL your all stupid especially JS ehai isnt gonna win

$5 on ehai ryu over JS cammy

team Playdium going to take this down for sure