Pownz eSports Championships Qualifier Tournament #4 Results (03/13/2010)

Great turnout with lots of really tight matches.

1 Blitzman (Rufus)
2 Chi-Rithy (Balrog/Chun Li)
3 FreddyLoco (Viper/Sagat)
4 Buddah (Seth/Rufus)
5 Eric Hai (Ryu)
5 Mr Trite (Honda/Akuma)
7 Rebelo (Guile)
7 Shaun H (Sagat)
9 SpiralGuy (Sagat)
9 KamiKazi (Cammy)
9 Heero (Ryu)
9 RPGv2 (Fei Long)
13 Traininho (Balrog/Dhalsim)
13 Chaos2D (Akuma/Balrog)
13 Trini (Abel)
13 LedHendrix (Abel)
17 JTN
17 Peter Yim
17 JasonBoss
17 EX_Matt
17 Manaboy
17 Snafoo
17 PsychoChronic
17 Wilson
25 L-leet
25 Sean Rampersad
25 Flightwing
25 WB!
25 Jon NG
25 ItalDaniel
25 DaFlipMastaXV
25 Shane Walker
33 Alvin
33 KillaCam
33 Magic
33 Paul S
33 Rb_999
33 JesseJabz
33 DarkDragon
33 Hardeep B
33 Calvin
33 FareedMagic
33 Jaywang
33 Cainne
33 JED07
33 Saco Jericho
33 Andrew V
49 S-blade
49 Alex N
49 CaptainDig
49 PsychoSupreme
49 ZachityZach
49 Ksharpie
49 Blueblazer
49 Chris White
49 DennisKim
49 Hisham
49 Wyatt D.
49 Diego Cousing
49 Marcos Gomez

Congratulations to Blitzman for taking down the tournament and securing his spot in the $1000 8 man Tournament at Anime North.

Gta is the dominate force in canada son … Gta gta gta!

I think pownz is a pretty cool guy. eh runs awesome tournies and doesn’t afraid of anything …

You either got the names mixed up or you love lamp.

GTA vs MTL 7 on 7 results? and i don’t take it there’s any chance there’d be some vids up from this event any time soon?

Toronto beat MTL 7-6

Sucks that you had to play the Sim player from Montreal in your first match dude. :stuck_out_tongue:

i love lamp… i love weed… wait

i love lamp and poutine

I am sorting all footage I capped right now.
I’ll post the playlist when I’m done.

In Chronic we trust.

[Basics on b4k4’s Acct, too lazy to log out]: FUCK YEAH! GTA FT-fucking-W. Also, right on, Brett. Can’t wait to see the footage. ****

Exhibitions matches @ Pownz eSports Championships Qualifier Tournament #4 Results (03/13/2010)

Buddah (seth) vs Eric Hai (ryu) race to 10 for $1000 total MM
Buddah wins 10-8

Heero Vesna (ryu) vs Eric Hai (ryu) race to 7 MM
Heero Vesna wins 7-5

7 vs 7 GTA vs Montreal MM
Jayson Boss (sagat) def. Mr Trite (akuma)
Buddah (seth) def. Jayson Boss (sagat)
Buddah (seth) def. Heeo Vesna (ryu)
Mana boy (cammy) def. Buddah (seth)
Mana boy (cammy) def. SpiralGuy (sagat)
Mana boy (cammy) def. Davero (e-honda)
Eric Hai (ryu) def. Mana boy (cammy)
Eric Hai (ryu) def. Trini (Abel)
Snafoo (dhalsim) def. Eric Hai (ryu)
Blitzman (rufus) def. Snafoo (dhalsim)
Freddy Loco (c-viper) def. Blitzman (rufus)
JS Master (balrog) def. Freddy Loco (c-viper)
JS Master (balrog) def. Chi-Rithy (chun-li)

GTA wins 7-6

big up to psychochronic for recording all Exhibitions matches, will be posted on psychochronic youtube channel within the week or so

Ahh I see what ya did there.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the show:

I aint got no comments on MTL’s performance. But here’s what I have to say

Mad props to my homeboy Blitz who held it down. You were clutch and u showed everyone what Rufus is all about. Congratz Bro

Congratulations to the Blitzman