Pownz eSports SFIV Championships Stage 3: Rogue's Roost


1 Dice01
2 Flushes
3 Savage_Shrub
5 Cupcake
5 MDrake
7 Mesmerizing
7 Kawagawaga
9 Zero_Jay
9 Slowstep
9 ColdKing
9 One Eyed Jack
13 Kevontay
13 That Emo Guy
13 Gwai Lo Killer
13 AfroNinja
17 Cocobeware
17 BledCanadian
17 Dryph
17 NSBoxerBoy
17 Rick Blazer
17 BeatMason
17 Drekken
17 PizzaMan
25 Novaneuf
25 Ox
25 ooPo
25 viewtiful Ryan
25 MVD
25 Realyst
25 Adam
25 Tina
33 Hacksaw
33 Darius
33 Toshin
33 Sam Madore
33 Pat Brine
33 JM
33 RJ
33 Johannes

Congratulations to Dice01 on his win. He has secured a spot in the grand final tournament at Anime North in May.


Can I get the underscore removed from my name? :wink:


Dice is the official scumbag of Halifax.



you know this tourney is free when Vince got 4th


:rolleyes: Don’t worry Danny, it’s easy to come first when no one knows about a tournament. :rolleyes:


This is Bullshit i thought i got first?


looool dice scumming out the freebox tourney.


oh shit you no what this calls for MM buddah vs nagata


Congratulations Dice.
You’re not claiming your prize. :wink:


Dice! Good shit, you were due for your win :).


Dice01 for president!
(or prime minister!.. or presidente?)


Dont tease a spic like that !

Thanks man I see you

I fought with the spirit of Blitz in me so it should say realy 1.Blitzman01 or DiceMan_g

El Chupa Cabra pls

Shout outs:

Thanks to Pownz and crew for the set up once again you know you guys came correct with the tourney.

Mike Drake - The man of the hour who saved me from getting lost in the airport and just happen to bump in to him, thanks for showing me around and being one bad ass host via Rag lol. GS on placing top 8 dude.

Adriano and Messmerising - You guys definately are the cream of the crop hope you guys keep playing more and getting the scene to grow. Try not playing to many characters becuase it removes you away from mastering the one character you need.

NB and NS crew - GG’s to all of you guys, there is definately potential that needs to be revealed so keep on grinding.

Ladies - Liberty and Sarah :wink: , it was pleasure meeting you 2 good times at the bar

My overall view with regards to the scene there, my best advice I can give you guys in terms of leveling up is please practice your execution. an open opportunity should not result in a grab, needs to result in massive damage or some kind of knock down where you can go for a solid wake up game.

Secondly, this doesnt apply to everyone, but if you find yourself MASHING to get a combo out, PLZ step back and re-evaluate your execution and approach. Obviously your not gonna get your combos out 100% if EVERY motion is being mashed, Training mode that bad boy.

Lastly, Try to focus more on the footsies and spacing game, alot of the players had a little bit of it but it was obvious not alot of you did. You always want to make your opponent come to you keep that in mind.

Again im not a great SF4 player there are definately greater players out there (Hisham), but i hope this can help imporve some bad habbits. Again GGs to the top 8 you guys were definately the best that day and played solid. Cant wait to come back,


Guess it’s about time I gave my shoutouts.

OneEyedJack - Thank you so very much for promoting our event at the Last Game Store and through your local connections. Without that kind of support an event like ours would never have run. Also HUGE props for giving me a ride to my airport debacle :P. Keep up the good work at the Last Game Store. You guys have a good home there. If you ever need any advice or suggesetions from a fellow tournament director/organizer let me know.

The Last Game Store + Adam P - Thank you for holding casuals on Friday night and Sunday afternoon. It was great to come check out the store, get to know you all and see the place that the Halifax SF scene calls home. Adam, if you ever have suggestions or ideas, dont’ be afraid to approach Chris and myself. We pride ourselves on the fact that we try our best to work with the community. Also, thank you for allowing OneEyedJack promote our event in your establishment. I’m looking forward to coming out and visiting again. Let me know when the next big one is and i’ll try my best to make it! Also, i’ll be repping the LSG t-shirt at the next POWNZ event. REAL TALK

Mesmerizing - GG’s kid. You gotta pick one character and stick with it. Your execution is pretty solid. You just need to sit down and learn the basics of footsies, and defence and you’ll be off to the races. Also, alot of the Halifax guys look at you as their top player. You should try to help everyone else out. Remember that the harder your competition is the harder you have to push yourself to do better. It’s all a circle. Keep it up.

Flushes - FUCK YOU TAKE MY MONIES lol. Nah real talk, you’re my boy. CAPE BRETON REPRESENT. Hold that shit down in the middle of nowhere. GG’s and i’ll be back to take back my monies next time with double payment.

Zerojay, Savage_Shrub, NB crew - GG’s at the hotel and on Sunday.

Mike Drake - Simply GODLIKE. Make sure you come out to one of my events around here! Thanks for the Udon hook ups!

That is all for now. If i missed you. It’s probably cuz i’m on 5 hours of sleep again.


dice01 is so lyrical.


Congratulations to Alex.

Train up hard bud, the real challenge is in 3 months.


Grats Dice and as Nagata said train up for the upcoming event.


this is a troll right(?)


hisham is toronto’s secret weapon


Thanks for everyone for the support, and POWNZ actually coming to Halifax, no matter how free we are. I know I was playing like shit that day, I wasn’t paying attention to what I was doing at all.

A close family friend had passed away that morning… I know it’s not an excuse but I wasn’t playing at my best, next time POWNZ comes out, I won’t be so free.

All of us in Halifax REALLY need to level up, and I’ve known for a while, thanks for showing us how bad we really were :smile:


So good times all Around, Glad you guys had it in Halifax. The drive was worth it. I took quite a bit away from it and plan to hit the lab hard.

Dice01, RXS, Drekken you guys are good people, keep doing what your doing and we will see you around!