POWNZ SFIV/STHD Ranking Battle Season 2 (09/16 - 11/04)


So we’re going to shuffle things up a bit this season. Vince and I had a discussion and thought it best to let me take a more active role in the running of the SFIV RanBats. I’ll be co-ordinating brackets and handling questions people may have.

POWNZ Gaming Centre
307 King St. E
Hamilton Ontario

STARTING DATE: Wednesday September 16th

ENDING DATE: Wednesday November 4th

START TIME: 9:00pm



FORMAT: 1 match, 3/5 rounds, Double Elimination. Grand Finals 2/3 matches.

1st - 11 points
2nd - 7 points
3rth - 5 points
4th - 3 points
5th - 1 point
5th - 1 point

The STHD tournament has been implemented for a couple of reasons. The first being I feel that this game more than any other teaches strong fundamentals that everyone needs to learn. The second is that it’s obvious we have a lot of players who enjoy STHD just as much if not more than SFIV. As such, what I’m going to do is put my own money into STHD. Assuming you enter the SFIV RanBat, STHD will be free to join. I will donate $10 of my own money into the STHD pot for every player that’s in both Ranking Battles.

Registration fees are due UP FRONT at the first Ranking Battle and will be held by POWNZ management. Last season it was obvious that people lost interest not only because it was clinched but because they had nothing invested to begin with. This thread was created 2 weeks in advance so that everyone can put together the $20 fee and get it out of the way. After that they can pay their Fight Night fees as per POWNZ rules.

I’m enforcing a Pre-registration this go around. Because fees are up front and we need 8 players (for both tournaments) in order to ensure the RanBat gets off the ground, I need players both regular and new to the Ranking Battles to pre-register here. If we can’t get 8 players before the date starts then we simply won’t run them.

PRE-REGISTRATION LIST (3 players registered, 5 needed):
Justin (Nagata Lock II)
Vince (RXS)
Josh (JED07)


You can count me in for sure. Lets do this Justin!


Justin/Vince :can we please try to create a system whereby everyone actually learns to improve? I think we need to discuss things more, and to run matches that different players struggle with. For instance, I need to play Justin, Josh said he want to play me, Vince said he wants to play Josh, etc. We should try to make sure that the needs each player has to improve are all met, and I also think we should discuss this as a community prior to beginning.

Then again, I’m not sure whether I’ll even be playing, cause I’m going home October 17th… hmmmm… I might just come for casuals or something. Not like I can even place missing 4 sessions. Damn that makes me sad, and right when I’ve stepped up my game.


What better way to learn than getting beat down to a pulp in Street Fighter 4?


Not that it should matter to me as I’ll probably only come to 1-2 of them if any… but I think if you really want single match, you should still keep it to 2/3 rounds. I’ve gone over this multiple times, but meter building/conservation means so much in 4 that it changes the game to play 3/5 or 4/7 rounds, at least in my opinion.


Paul; the last time you wanted to play me in an extended set you pitched a fit after losing 6 straight. This isn’t meant to be shit talk, it’s just the reality of things. I have no problem with wanting to help people improve but a change in mentality is required if you’re going to make progress.

That being said, I have no interest in making wednesday a tutorial day. I’d prefer to use fight nights for the Ranking Battles and mon/tues/thurs as potential tutorial days. I’ll run long sets with whomever wants them at POWNZ.

I considered this very factor, especially considering that IV has turned into a “safe gamble” game wherein 2 bars allows for reckless play with a safe out. However, I don’t want the players to feel slighted with such an extremely quick tourney and I felt 4/7 rounds was far too long and put us in a spot where we were overtime a couple of times so 3/5 was the compromise.


First, I won’t be coming to these, for obvious reasons. I think everyone knows that; so take my advice here with a grain of salt.

I think that’s a nice idea in theory. To have some sort of “train up” sessions.
However I think it should be seperate from Ranbats. Ranbats should be smooth sailing with no hiccups. Go in, play your matches, have some fun, done. Like a tournament.

I think it’s a good idea, especially for scrubs like myself, to get some training in from the “pros” (non-scrubs) in the area. However I’d suggest holding it on a seperate night and having it completely seperate from ranbats or tournaments.


finishing school this friday. dunno if ill be around in hamilton for this stuff untill i get some wheels. so im sorry everone im going to have to pass.


I should have posted this previously, sorry for multi. I don’t think 3/5 rounds 1 match is enough to have any relevance in terms of upping our games. Should be 2/3 rounds 2/3 matches, at least that way there’s a break in play where the loser can try to adapt.I know about the time issue, but is there no way we could start earler?

And Kyle, it’s too bad youre not going to make it dude. a) youre kinda cool. b) Need the Blanka practice. It’s a sad, sad day for we Siths.


imo if you want to get good, have “tutorial” days on mon-tues, then try and put the things you learned into practice in ranbats on wendesday, then try and figure out what you did wrong at the tournament afterwards.

i’m sure justin/rey is good enough right now vs the rest of hammer to coach them and play at the same time during these “tutorial” days. pointing out stuff they should and should not be doing (ie sweep/throw to punish), and ranges at which things should work etc midmatch. It’s helps so much more when it’s during the match rather than after the fact for learning i think.

I coached Gerjay’s Gief the same way and he eventually he beat me.


Sure you’re the mango sentinel boss… SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURE.


I could always give you a ride.

In any case I’m down for both ranbats.


Is this a weekly ranbat or something else?


STHD will help anyone’s fundamentals up, I hope to see a lot of people play STHD the game seriously will teach you footsies, spacing, zoning most important how to do deal with bullshit.
Relations to 4:
Vega = ElFeurte in the way that once you get knocked down you dont know what Vega will do next there was a reason why he was soft banned in Japan iirc (because of the wall dive tactics) which I think is similar to El Feurte knocking you down and just doing his crazy mixup stuff

Gief’s SPD range is pretty broken in both games.

Other tidbits about STHD:
You can’t mash anything in STHD its not good.
Basic footsies is developed from this game
Reversals are more harder to do but rewarding as well i mean imagine stopping someone from tick throwing you thats amazing.
Deejay is in STHD (hes got awesome combos mon and hes a very complete and versatile character)
Theres the basic character style for everyone (rushdown: balrog, m.bison, turtle: guile, zoning: dhalsim, grapplers: gief t.hawk versatiles: deejay (imo I could be wrong) ryu)
You can even learn mixups in this game especially if you’re a rushdown character like Balrog.
Jumping= Death (on your jumps you are extremely vulnerable a lot of characters of an answer to this and boy does it hurt.) You learn to stop jumping and play the ground game.
You learn spacing since 1 mistake can cost the game for you because as an example: shooting fireballs in an unsafe range can result in your very doom.

The game is also very fast you dont need to know huge combos per se but you do need to learn how to maxmize your damage you give out and minimize damage you take in. You also develop a slight twitch or reaction thats intensely fast for a SF game (Mahvel is the game to develop INSANE reactions due to speed of game)
Not only do you have to execute fast you have to adapt fast too because the game is set to a high damage.

Starting to play ST/STHD is tough it really is, you’ll start to*** lose ***more than you win infact in this game getting perfected doesn’t really mean much due to the high damage that the game is set to, but in the long run you develop fundamentals you can’t find in any other game.

Hopefully everyone plays STHD as well as 4 simply because, they co-relate. (Hopefully I showed and explained why)
PS I’m still learning too so this is from a student’s point of view since I’m pretty new to SF as well.


Everytime I touch STHD it makes me better in SF4.


I disagree that playing ST will make you better at 4 because of the big fundamental differences in both games.

However play ST. You’ll like it.


We only got 3 pre-registrations for this session. At the present time it doesn’t look like we’ll have a consistently viable core of players to run the Ranking Battles. Assuming the player base becomes more dedicated then I will be happy to run the RanBats in future.