POWNZ Street Fighter IV Ranbat Live Stream!


Hi guys,

POWNZ is proud to announce that we will be streaming our Street Fighter IV Ranbats every Wednesday starting at 8:00PM.

Tune in at www.pownz.com under the e-sports section!



RanBat thread says it starts at 8:00pm.

This says stream starts at 9:00pm.

Which is correct?


lol fixed my bad.


sweet, I’ll peep it when I get home in 30 mins


streams not working.


offline stream.


Due to technical difficulties we will not be running the stream this week.


aw RXS no hype then no hype for this week.


We had problems with our capture devices… two in a row actually… I’m going to test with another one i know works tomorrow so hopefully we don’t have any issues


Now that everything is test and working (ala Toshiba tournament) the live stream will be back on at the ESPORTS section of the POWNZ website!