Anybody encounter this glitch/bug? I start the day at 3700pp I win 3 games in a row (starting at the Abel D+) and every new game I notice that my PP is lower immediately as each match starts, so that at the end of the 3 games somehow I have 3436? And then when I sign back on to PSN today I lose another 200pp as the “network battle” screen on the PS3 lists ‘3308PP’ while the “Rankings” page still says 3700pp?

here is some proof , the last 3 battles played illustrate the problem as you can see they were all won by me; the 1st player is an Abel


edit: matches you got disconnected from on the server side (and thereby lost your default amount of 45 BP 128 PP) will sometimes still saved complete in your replay list

interesting…thanks for your response (lol @ yawn I know this question has probably been asked before, im new to the forum though, my 1st post)…how do I get disconnected on the server side but still finish the match?

Right after the match, the screen where your pp are listed will stay on longer than ususal and you can’t press a button to skip it. After a couple of seconds you are back in the “network battle screen” This happened a few times for me on psn and never on gfwl.
I figured that is the moment that the results are being sent to the server and saved on your disk because if you answer an invite or shut down the console before that screen, even after the KO sign, it counts as a disconnect on your side.
So in some rare moments the server hickup permits you to sent the data to the server, although on your client side it is saved like it should.
In conclusion it is not capcom that steals your points it is the PSN ( and capcom for punish rage quitters with point loss :wink:

Thanks for an informed response. Cheers