PP System


So i went on vacation recently to cali and when i came back home i jumped on some SF4AE. Have not touched it for almost 3 weeks and i noticed im loosing 55+ pp for a loss. Now i know this happens but 55 thru someone my same rank or higher i have never seen before. A rank b ken beat me and got almost 65 pp off of my c rank so just wondering was the game patched recently or something or did they update the way points are gained and lost?


dunno amigo, I guess it was adjusted or something. PP has never been my thing


PP has ALWAYS been weird in SF4…
There’s people that would win games and lose PP… my friend used to turn his SF off 1 night and next night he would be on half his PP…
These are usually on PSN though…
XBOX I’ve not had a problem SO far…
They should really have put a guide on how the PP system works because its so confusing…


Who cares about pp anyway


Most people… although half of them will act like they don’t care but still cry when they lose it.


QFFT. I can’t count how many times people claim in the same sentence that they don’t care about BP/PP, but they complain about why they lose it.

To answer OP. Nobody really knows how the poor online system of SF4 works. I’m going to assume you lose BP/PP very slowly if you haven’t played in awhile.


Take it to the other random point loss thread.