Ppl near central NJ interested in playing arcade ST, post here


i am trying to put my cabs to some good use. i would like to compile a list of people interested in getting together to play. i would then like to discuss where and when would be best. so far, all ive got is…

mikeidge (31)

we could do it at my place, or if someone has a better idea, let me know. i wouldnt mind knowing the ages of people interested either. i dont want to be inviting 14 year olds over to play video games in the basement…


cool idea, might be worth adding an alternative method people can contact you (ie email, etc) if they’re viewing this thread but don’t have an account on SRK. offline arcade ST is awesome, hope to see some more people signing up to this :tup:


as much as I hated to point it out, you might want to cross post this to regional match making and HDR forum (maybe just post a reply to mars’ thread… )

This forum is very low traffic (not that HDR has a lot more, but SF2 players would go to either of these, so)

And yes offline arcade is so much more responsive it’s awesome.

Boxer’s tap turnaround punch is too safe online, yet you have time to react to them offline and use shoto’s jab to stop them like DGV said :tup: