PPP Lariets exact hitbox

Found this in the blanka section and this sort of explains why lariet is so boss. Had not seen this in this section yet thought it could be some help.

Orange: vulnerable from physical attacks
Blue: vulnerable from throws
Green: invulnerable from projectiles
Red Box: hit box


I think crouching lariet works because you are waiting till someone else is in your hit box before you hit lariet. So their attack never hits the venurable part of the lariet because it didnt appear till they were already in giefs lariets hitbox.

i wish they had something like this in training mode period, sort of like what they had in hdr that game has a really good training mode.Thanks for posting it bp amoco

so zangief hits you with his armpits?

Can you link me to the thread in the blanka section that posted this image? I want to read the discussion. Thanks.

Thanks ^^

I needed this information on hand. Contribution points sir.

Wow, that’s super helpful! You wouldn’t happen to know where that pic comes from, would you? Wonder how it looks in Super.