PPP reflector

how do you effectively use it? i don’t understand the point of it. i mean i’ve seen RX use it sometimes but it was mostly in combo videos.

It has a one-frame start up, so it links off of UOH, leading to damage off an overhead. If you mean midscreen, after a tackle, then it’s for a couple reasons:

  1. If they parry the tackle, but you threw out EX Aegis, you’re pretty safe from any attack they do (cause you can block more quickly throwing the Aegis out).
  2. They want to set up a 50/50 situation midscreen safely… either going low (sweep), or high (F+HP) (or throw, if they parry).
  3. Changes the flow of the match, gives you momentum as you pressure them now.

Ok, let’s say you jump into an opponent and do a jumping jab or something that would cause an air reset, and land first. Normally the opponent would be safe, but throw the ex Aegis and it hits, allowing you to combo a tackle, into a bunch of other lovely stuff:rofl: It’s alot of fun!
I believe you can also do it if you connect a jab headbutt on a standing opponent.

I’m quite interested in learning to use the EX reflector a little more effectively for combos.

Try this for example: Urien vs Ryu, with Ryu in a corner. c. lp, c. lp, UOH, ex reflector.

Now, not only with the UOH not link with the PPP reflector, but it’ll also make the reflector obtain a really wierd property that I’ve seen quite a bit while trying to do the UOH, EX Reflector, lp, lp, mp, lk tackle, c.f p … This property? The reflector becomes comboable (ie, each hit links with each other, much like a standard lp/mp/fp reflector). What gives? If anyone can shed some light on it’s properties other than ‘at xx distance, it becomes all messed up’, I’ll give em a cookie.

The above UOH combo is the meanest (that I know of) corner combo using EX reflector available. It’s fairly difficult, and as you can see from above, is very susceptible to timing and character-range. As far as it’s “normal” uses, it can be very effective as an anti air, combo’d with multiple corner tackles, as well as midscreen with:

tackle->EX reflector->c. lk->lk tackle (comboable, but difficult. Breaks low guard if first tackle is blocked)
tackle->EX reflector->c. lp->lk tackle (Like above, with no guard break however easier to combo than c. lk->lk tackle)
tackle->EX reflector->f. fp
tackle->EX reflector->f. dash->grab
As ctye85 stated:
(near corner)headbutt->EX reflector->mk tackle->mk tackle->mk tackle

Fairly good for mixup potential, although as with the majority of EX reflector setups, it lacks the easy-cheese ubercombo potential of most reflector setups.

Funny thing is, the shit’s good for anti-air also. Say, you got them in the corner, and they jump at you, let them get fairly close, and throw it. Since it comes out in one frame, if they’re close, they would have to be pressing forward for the parry before the super freeze. Then you can do a few things:

ex aegis, hits them once, rh tackle, mk tackle, mk tackle, then whatever

ex aegis, hits them once, mk tackle, ex tackle, rh tackle, mk tackle xx aegis
(with full meter)

Or make some shit up, experiment!

Now, alot of players will crouch block in the corner, try this setup:

their back to the corner, do a forward throw, and they will quick stand, dash up and UOH xx ex aegis, which will combo. Then followups are character specific to a point.
I’ll give an example and if I’m wrong, correct me please.

edit: does not work, lol.

UOH xx EX Aegis, cr. jab, lk tackle, cr. jab, lk tackle, walk forward, cr. Fierce, mk tackle, mk tackle, lp or mp headbutt. Of course, if you have enough meter, before the headbutt at the end, after the second tackle, cancel into lp Aegis, and do the corner unblockable. This one I believe works on Shotos.
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I see RX do midscreen mk or RH tackle, cancel to EX Aegis. that’s the only time i’ve seen him use EX Aegis.

I’ve seen him start corner combos starting with uoh>ex aegis several times in real matches.