PR Rog loses 100$ to Kai's Fuerte 2-0

I lol’d hard. He dropped his headbut to ultra twice and when Kai let off of him he made some really stupid decisions. He didn’t use jumping fierce enough when he didn’t have ultra and then he eventually switched to Honda getting slightly better results. I think it was hilarious and as a Balrog player I couldn’t believe at how one sided the matches were. The reason I’m posting this is for “What not to do” vs Feurte. It’ll be hosted somewhere soon and I’ll come back and bump this for discussion or we can move it to the video thread or random chat.

i am disappointed pr rog switched to honda. what happened to live and die with one character?

in related news, pamyu beat tkd’s fuerte in the national tournament

Hey give PR balrog a break he didn’t know the matchup. El Fuerte is one of those unorthodox character’s. It just goes to show you that you gotta learn how to fight agianst every character in this game. Atleast he didn’t lose to a random ken or ryu. There’s nothing wrong with switching to honda he wanted to win. It actually wasn’t a bad decision his honda got him a game or two. Atleast he seemed to know what he was doing with him.

I’ve had some trouble with some fuerte’s online that run away once they have a lead. Anyone have anytips for rushing fuerte’s down? Also, what is the proper response with rog when you are waking up vs fuerte’s run into jump throw?(sorry forgot what it is called)

NM I just read to try backdashing

Still not sure what the best chase method is when you are down on life

The hate is strong in this one. Yesssssssssss all the hate will make you shriveled pale and in need of a cloak and hood. The hate is so strong you couldn’t even wait till you had the video to post the thread.

Why would you LOL at somebody having a terrible game w/ a character you rep? Somebody who is respected and shares w/ the community? This post reeks of “If it was me I woulda”, but it wasn’t so you couldn’t.

So he lost. Big deal. People lose matches sometimes.

Pointless thread.

And not a single shit was given.

what not to do: if fuerte lands a tortill, don’t do anything on wake up.

News just in, well known top level players CAN lose matches!

So what, nobody is an unbeatable machine and even then; Offdays, Matchup Inexperience, Shit Happens - Move along to the next match and learn from the mistakes.
I really don’t see a point to this - It’d be passable if posted in the Matchup Experience thread WITH a link but as a standalone thread it just comes across as a hate-fest.

Did PR Rog ever say that he would live and die with one character? I was at Evo and he definitely swtiched to Honda against ShadyK’s Akuma to try to even the match out a bit more.

He did, and put up a good fight but lost eventually - I’m a nobody and all I ever play is Balrog because the time I invest into the game isn’t enough to master a character nevermind a lot of characters so I stick to one and try to learn it - Meanwhile a plathora of top level players have multiple characters under their hat and I doubt any stick to any one character religiously bar a select few.

You can see his Honda in tonnes of matches on his YouTube channel, it’s not like some random choice, he does seem to play Honda a damn lot as well so the fact he swapped is absolutely no shock nor does it warrant any need for added hate.

I’m sure the competitive SF community respects you more than PR Rog, right?

Op, gtfo!

I have a lot of respect for PR Rog and love watching his matches. I agree that this is intentionally a hateful post but like you guys said that this is one big hatefest, lets not just hate on each other more for doing so. Perhaps, if someone felt Scrub didn’t handle something the right away or didn’t react properly in the given scenario you should hop on over to the match up thread where just a few days ago we briefly touched on the Balrog and El Fuerte match up and share with everyone else your thoughts on ways to handle the match up. Let’s not attract more attention to this thread than it has already received and just leave it alone.

The same PR Rog that OVC’d Valle + Shizza + Combofiends team… Twice in a row… at the same event?

Hey guys. I was at west coast warzone and saw alot of Eduardo’s matches and even got to mirror match him in the team tournament. Without a doubt in my mind that guy is the best Balrog in the US right now. He plays completely differently from any other Balrog I have seen and he makes me look like I just started playing with Balrog last week. He lost a ton of matches due to execution problems this weekend. He is a playstation 3 player like myself and for those of you that may not know, there is a slight timing difference when playing on xbox as opposed to ps3.

It’s like 1-3 frames different which can definitely effect you if you are the type of player that uses 1 frame links. PR Rog uses 1 frame links as bread and butter so it’s very easy for timing differences to mess up his style of play and make him lose matches. He was very visibly and verbally upset about his execution problems due to this event being on xbox. In northern california most tournaments are on playstation 3, and most of us nor cal players were suffering from the same problems with adjusting to the different timing. Who knows what would have happened if this event was on ps3.

Wait what? I must have missed this part of the stream! Damn that’s some impressive stuff… OCVing that team twice is hardly a walk in the park.

I physically refuse to give any shits.


really would like some confirmation on this. i can do combos on xbox and ps3 without any issues, there is no difference to me. 3 frames is absolutely retarded and would be crushing to any player… 1 frame means you drop ex rush upper on a regular basis… and i drop neither regardless of which system. can it like 1-3ms different? yeah now THAT i can believe… 1-3 frames? no way… i’d like to see some data on what it actually is… IF there is a difference.