PR Rog Vs EM Taekua - Offstream Elimination Match


We have uploaded the offstream match of PR Rog vs EM Taekua to youtube for everybody’s enjoyment. More offstream team Mexico matches to come in the near future.

This was an offstream match of the Loser’s bracket in EVO 2k12
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Twitter: @Versusmx_

Hope you like it!



I don’t suppose you got any PW players?


I’m not sure what you mean by PW. This is Puerto Rican Balrog… friend also has the Marlin Pie vs Frutsy fight and should upload it soon I hope.


I think he means PW = Phoenix Wright.


As usual people blow up any type of conceding as ‘rage quitting’. Still surprised PR Balrog beat his tournament on his three point team.


It wasn’t as bad as it looked. The final combo had already started when Rog got up. He knew he was dead. In the Marlin Pie vs Frutsy video you can see PR Rog congratulating Taekua. (The matches happened at the exact same time.)


I figured. People still think Champ ‘rage quit’ at ECT because he took his hands off the stick when it was clear he thought RayRay was just going to super to kiill him.


I was wondering about that. Rog didn’t look so salty in the view from the MarlinPie video (he was even smiling).


That’s exactly what I meant.


There’s a local player we have here in Guadalajara called Miau who uses Phoenix Wright fairly well. He didn’t go to EVO however. We’ve got videos of him somewhere in our twitch channel but they’re not separated out. He’s probably somewhere in this stream recording:


I hate people that just give up like that. Shame to PR Rog


I wouldn’t say there’s too much wrong with that if you account for the fact that he was probably pissed off and knew he was in a piss easy combo that wasn’t going to drop and would kill him.

In Marvel 2 there was a lot of “checkmate” situations where people literally just held forward on the stick and just let their last character lose because the situation was THAT difficult to come back from.


“I’m not salty guys (laughs)” I love when he says that on FGTV. Just the way he says it.


Yeah this was not even close to being as big of a “rage quit” blow up as it was portrayed on twitter.