Practical use for Hienkyaku?

Maybe I’m just being ignorant, but I find that since it’s not invincible, I can’t seem to find a practical use for the Hienkyaku as an evasive maneuver, or much of anything else. What do you guys tend to use it for?

Passing through opponents to help his mix-up game. Also extending combos after a level 3 air buster shot in the corner. See the Zero combo thread for more on this!

Most Zero players use it to cross up with assists, to do aerial crossups or to continue corner combos into re-launch by using the A version to get to the ground before the opponent.

Cross ups and combos.


I had a random idea that I tried out in training mode that might work.

5A > 5B > Assist > 5C (1 hit) > B~Hienkyaku > Dark Hold

I was working with Jun as an assist. I assisted as soon as I used 5B. Jun used a bind bomb and I was behind the opponent ready for a Dark Hold. 6 Hits for around 19 Bil. Cool with Ryu as well. What do you think?

edit: Thinking over that, if I got the 5C or the Assist off, it’d be easier to go straight into Dark Hold from there. Maybe it can catch some off guard after they block?

Baroquing Heinkyaku after a block string seems to be cool though.