Practical uses of the KAMEHAMEHAAA

You guys know what Im talkin about. Its possibly the coolest looking super in the game. Level 3 SA2 ball.

I started this thread to discuss practical uses for it. So far, the best I know is simply to bring your opponent down to very low health, set him up in a corner situation and chip him to death in the coolest way possible where he has no way of dodging.

You can also launch into it, but the damage is really low and not worth it unless it’ll kill him.

Outside of stun/mp launcher good luck hitting someone. It’s not hard to parry, all you have to do is time the first hit then after that press forward as fast as possible.

But yeah the only time I would use it is with the launch set up to kill someone, not worth it in the middle of a match.

Wouldn’t there be ample opportunity to attack the opponent while he’s parrying?
And how about a super-jump behind them?

Isn’t EX SA2 more like Spirit Bomb?

Well, I like the setup of back throw your opponent into the corner then jab fireball xx EX SA2. Or you can just do it without the throw, but it’s more risky.

But you should not be doing this EX super unless it’s for the win or for a combo video. :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, if you do a back throw that is going to kill your opponent, Oro has a few frames where he can do anything before the opponent dies making for a freaking flashy ending. My favorite things to do here are EX SA1, EX SA2, EX SA3, EX chicken, any fireball, fierce/EX uppercut, and kara uoh. EX SA1 is sick because it zooms up on Oro and the words KO appear with the screen still on him flashing red. :smiley:

I dont watch dbz. But yeah, thats what Im talkin about :stuck_out_tongue:

And yes, back toss into EX SA2 seems to be the best use.
I wonder how possible it is to do some crazy stuff while your opponent is parrying that…

Once your opponent is parrying that fast the only thing you can really do is throw or command grab

You can do it after the MP launcher in combo, then 3x dash while it’s hitting them and combo more.

While they’re parrying, you can do the CRmk into command grab.

Still not worth it though :frowning:

WE NEED AN ORO GUIDE… i mained him today

Practical? I would say there isn’t one hahaha. It’s good for laughs and gimmicks though. If you want to chip someone to oblivion (assuming they can’t parry it) you can throw it at them.

If you want to combo into it, do a standard close MP into EX Yagyou, dash 3 or 4 times (I forget) into a chicken wing, finish with MP upper. Not the greatest damage, but one of those wtf combos that will amuse people.

Not to advertise on other peoples threads, but I just posted an Oro combo, the only other oro thread open right now lol.

sswizzbbeatss, if I ever get off my ass and use my free time to help others, I’ll type up a guide :rofl:though I don’t feel I’m a particularly good 3s player.


One of the best 3s guides around happens to be for Oro.