Practicality of the lp lp fly infinite on sentinel

anyone actually use the flying [flying.lp lp] infinite in real matches? its kinda hard to setup imo… less you got psylocke and are in fly mode somehow… and i cant seem to get it over 14 hits… but any feedback is appreciated… such as practical uses etc.

whats the most hits any of you have gotten the infinite to?

I’ve only seen Commy use it in a real match. Its not too practical IMO because mag usually isn’t meant to be in flight. I’d just stick with the normal resests/inf. but you can use it if you ya wanna show off/are bored.

mag/cyke sets it up real easy

Commy is a biter, he saw Row do it at ECC9 and all of a sudden he started doing it. Anyways, easiest set up is Mag/IM. Basically do the unmashable setup except instead of tempest, fly. Should be the perfect height for the infinite. Infinite 5-6 reps, jab, fierce xx tempest xx PC xx HSF. You can also just throw out of the infinite.

you’re jus jealous… but btw, saw justin do it first a while back… =P but yea, basically it’s used to jus show off imo, but that’s what i’m best at

row did it at ecc9… dunno against who though

All of you ryt

Row did it @ Ecc9.
commy_ your MSP vids.
I can’t wait!!!

All of you ryt

thanks man, i don’t think it’s gonna be all that great, but hope i don’t dissapoint people =X

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Don’t worry it will

EDIT* You will.
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LOL, your one to talk shit… with all those vids u put out (which are basiclly ripping off djb’s vids), yet you can’t do JACK SHIT in a tourney

All I ever see you post is stupid ass snide remarks, get the fuck out of here with that shit

COMMY: Don’t listen to that scrub… I’m sure your vid will be dope


<3 Taiji

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hehe, thanks man, :smiley:

-He was just joking… but thanks.

He was just kidding…


Nice! I totally agree with your post. =]

He was just joking around. :cool:

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