Practice and Items questions


Is there an option to practice your character’s entire movelist in training mode like in VF5, or do you have to keep pausing to bring up the move list to try each move like in Tekken 5 (PS2). Or is it something in between like Tekken 5 DR (PSP) where you can practice most of your moves similar to VF5. I haven’t played Tekken in awhile and it would be nice to be able to practice everyone’s moves without going in and out of menus for each move.

Also, how many items are there to choose from per character? Tekken 5 had like 3 items for 4 seperate parts, the PSP version was a bit better but it didn’t even come close to VF5.

Lastly, can you earn gold in Arcade? I read that you need to play that lame as shit Tekken Force business to get gold.

I told myself I wouldn’t get any more games from Namco after the SC4 terrible netcode/charging for DLC on the disc debacle. Here it is like two days after T6 drops and I’m already reconsidering that boycott despite hearing the netcode is still bad this time around. Mostly because I got a handful of people to play locally, whereas I know maybe two people who can even play SF games.

Thanks SRK dudes.


I don’t know if this is a troll attempt or not, but I’ll be nice…

You can learn most of this information by actually…I don’t know playing the game? You can go in the practice mode and look at the moves and set it to hold one, but the scrolling feature is gone. That was hella helpful to me in DR, allowed me to practice them all without having to search through the command list everytime.

Yes, there is huge customization in Tekken 6. You just have to go to customize and check it out for yourself.

Yes, you can earn gold in Arcade and Ghost Battle, just going through SC mode is the easiest way to do it though.


Thanks, it was absolutely not a troll. People have been saying the netcode is terrible so I was curious about the offline content. I don’t play Tekken competitively so those features are pretty important to me. Sometimes I just play the PSP version in practice, running through moves and trying to come up with combos. I wanted to find out before I bought it because I’m gonna go to Best Buy and get their B2G1 deal and I’m deciding on which games to get.

The gimped practice mode sucks, but not enough to prevent me from picking this up tomorrow. Maybe I’ll just pick up the gimped guide in lieu of this, since two gimps make a whole. :slight_smile: