Practice at all? We talkin bout, prACtise


I’m sure many people have already seen this basketball player getting payed millions only to complain about having to show up for practice: [media=youtube]FUYjD7A75HQ[/media] and I was thinking about it in the context of fighting games as having potential to be some e-sport taken seriously-- taken seriously by the players, let alone other fringe sports such as competitive frisbee, etc. So I’d like to take an informal survey- how many people devote any time to practicing? i.e. in a training mode and not just playing other people/single player games (single player games will make you a worse player, if anything), where you devote what might otherwise be casual playtime to improving your game. How long do you practice for? Do most of us expect to do better in our next tournament by simply showing up, and practice is something we think we just don’t need?


I practice mostly a couple hours each day, plugging through a list of combo moves that I need to get really good with, on certain characters. Can’t practice all characters at once, then I won’t remember half of it. Then I play a bit online or against CPU’s.

I think just playing without a purpose and just learn 1-2 moves and repeating them and mashing buttons won’t make you a better player, ever. You need to know what to practice and repeat that until you learn it. Just reading threads here won’t make you good at the game unless you practice it after reading it.


I try and get 5 or so hours of practice in a week(all in training mode). And I try and play as many matches as I can for application.


training mode a couple of hours a week and try to play people as much as I can when I’m bored, I don’t play anything but streetfighter really so I’ve got a lot of time.


I’ve never been able to get a whole lot out of practice I may go in once a day for like 20 minutes and practice a combo but all in all it’s just boring to boring for me. I guess that’s why I’ve never been more than average though. Am like A.I
"Practice? We talkin bout practice man. What are we talkin bout? Practice! How silly is that."


I don’t practice that often. I go over my friend’s house once a week for some casuals, but that’s about all. I also play a lot online, which is decent practice I guess.


I try to practice at least 30 mins to an hour a few times a week, this will increase as I get a router for my PS3 so I can go online.


30 minutes in training mode currently, just to work on execution. I play 4 days a week and I train on those days before I play.

I believe that you shouldn’t practice for hours (that might just frustrate you, or lead to overtraining, etc.)
just that you have quality practice, and that you’re consistent with it.

It takes time, but it accumulates, and it’s comfortable.

oh, and we ain’t talkin’ about the game I live and die for,
we talkin’ 'bout practice.



Im on for like 30 minutes a day. Due to time constrants mostly (little one running around haha).


:rofl: Allen Iverson’s a spoiled little asshole.

I practice once in a blue moon. Sometimes I’ll sit there are wail on a dummy or something, but I don’t get as much time to play anymore as I used to, so when I DO, it’s rarely practice. But when I first started playing SF2 on the SNES, I used to practice hours a day. Man, my thumbs hurt SO bad! :rofl:


AI is my boy, don’t hate!

I practice anywhere from 0-2 hours a day, mainly to work on combos I’ve fucked up in online matches. The time also depends on how many characters I feel like running through training with.


I practice a good few hours every weekend when I get the chance. Like 6 hours or so. I also fight human opponents as often as possible to apply what I learned from here. I prefer offline over online, but they’re both alright as long as I’m fighting anybody that isn’t the CPU.


I don’t practice at all anymore. Whenever I play vs other ppl it just comes to me. Probably cause i’ve been playin ggxx for way too long lol


I practice all the time for fighters that are execution heavy. (dropping combos / messing up a situation where I have clear advantage, drives me insane)

streetfighter series? jump in and play play play!