Practice links with 97BPM songs

Hey guys! First post here, but been lurking for a while. I’ve mostly played Brood War before I got started with Street Fighter a few weeks ago. I owned the game (Super) and MvC3 for a while, but only ever really played in the trial mode and watched tournaments (none of my friends play fighting games and it felt impossible to get started having never played them before). It wasn’t until I saw AE was on sale on Steam that I decided to learn how to play the game. But enough about that!

I’m a pretty scrubby player and I was having a lot of difficulty practicing links in training mode because I couldn’t figure out the timing for it. It seemed like I was guessing when to push buttons and whether or not the link happened had more to do with luck than anything. So I thought of counting the BPM of the links to see if it’d help me, and now I’m able to link everything pretty consistently in training mode (don’t get me started on real games though, I still suck haha). I’ve been told this wouldn’t work because the timing for links are different, but so far it’s worked so I don’t actually know.

Anyways, I decided to make a video to hopefully help other new players out there practice their links more easily and to demonstrate the concept (you can use any song or even a metronome). I’m probably not the first one to think of doing this, but I hadn’t heard of it before. As I said I’m a pretty inexperienced player and I’m not actually sure if this is the best way to learn it, but I figured it’s one way to learn the timing at least, and it’s been working great for me so far.



(All links are from Kail’s link training (non-FADC and non-FSE) thread found here: Link Training)

Haha, that’s pretty cute. Thanks for the video and idea!

very nice. i’ve actually read something similar, can’t remember exactly what (probably back in vanilla days) and also being a musician and audiophile myself have always likened links to different tempos and songs. horrible, horrible song (IMO), but you know el fuerte’s infinite? fierce, run, stop, repeat: turn on the intro to the beautiful people by marilyn mason. listen to the drums, perform the combo exactly the same way. works every time :wink:

good stuff again man, people struggling with links and such should definitely look into things like these. interesting, entertaining and it works.

Here’s the deal. Back in my rose days I made a big stink about her 1f link. I said “there’s no way to consistently hit this”. The mathematics just don’t add up. I have 1/60th of a second to respond? It takes our brain 1/4th of a second to take things in let alone pressing the button.

I submitted that 1f links are not really 1f links. I said "take a stop watch and try and land exactly on a second. Make it x.000. Can you get within (I forget the amount of milliseconds) this consistently. I submit you can’t.

They did.

Haha. So I came up with a training. I took a metronome and found the exact rhythm for > I practiced that. Didn’t work 100% but helped. I can still hear the click clock clock clock in my head.

Going back to this topic. People did not like the metronome idea. I thought it was a great idea. If you could make a list of all your links you could make an internal timing that links your brain to the sound of the metronome and the sound of the button presses. Whats the difference between a click clock clock clock and a tap tap tap tap?

The difference is simply this. A links timing is always the same. A combos timing is not. I was able to time roses c.lp, > to the metronome. I could slow the first part to match the timing of link

Juris links are faster. I’m always surprised at how fast they are. With that said…

What floats your boat. I think the link training thread is the best way for me to learn links. Learn the timing of them without plinking. Get it down. Then add on the plink.

I’m glad I’m not the only person who came to this conclusion. Did you send me a msg on this on YouTube?

Glad to hear you guys liked it! And indeed Kail, that was exactly the thought behind it (to learn the correct timing without any “gimmicks”, and then add on double tapping and all that stuff later). I’ve certainly found this method to be extremely helpful for me as a new player. There’s something very simple that you can relate to rather than simply guessing the timing or relying on plinking and double-tapping, which I figure doesn’t really teach you the right timing at all, but instead corrects your bad timing.

I haven’t even tried using plinking or double-tapping yet, but still I’m able to hit all the links in the video fairly consistently without the music already. It’s made it so much easier for me for sure. Even if it’s not 100% spot-on, it will give you something very close to that compared to just pressing buttons until stuff links (which is what I did myself, and I imagine lots of people are in the same boat). I did send it to you on YouTube, but was encouraged to post it here after sharing it with some fellow Juri players.

Whatever works for you man. Thanks for sharing your suggestion. I suggest getting the link as close as you can then start plinking.

I haven’t played this game too long, but let me share my thoughts about training links:

Links are all about rhythm. There are slight visual and audio cues you can pick up while performing them that can clue you in to the proper timing, but there’s no definite way to measure your links accurately, so it becomes about “muscle memory” for your brain. It’s about your brain knowing the timings reflexively and instinctively. In order to learn a link, you need to learn that rhythm, and if you’re on your own to figure it out, it’s a lot of hit/miss guessing until you can force yourself to learn the rhythm. If you can find a defined measurement to learn the rhythm (97 bpm music, or kail’s stopwatch) then you only have to learn to match that rhythm, and once you’ve done it enough times, it becomes second nature.

I see no logical reason why this wouldn’t be tremendously helpful in learning links. On one hand, learning links without an aid like this, you have nothing to aim for. You guess the timing, and try to time it shorter or longer based on whether it comes out or it gets blocked. You’ll spend a longer time guessing, and a less time nailing the link properly. On the other hand, learning links with an aid, you don’t have to waste time finding the timing on your own, you have a pattern, the longer you spend doing the pattern properly, the more ingrained that pattern is in your subconscious.

And really, letting your subconscious do all the work is the best. You don’t want to have to think about doing a link in the middle of a match, your mind should be elsewhere, or nowhere :wink:

Anyway, just my thoughts, I’m going to incorporate this or a metronome into my training, for sure.

However your brain recalls that timing… That’s fine.

Personally it’s weird in my head. There’s a natural timing I want to use. It’s the rose xx link. Why? Because it feels like an appropriate amount of time. Not too Long not too short.

Juris are fast. Very quick. So my brain goes “(hit 1) it’s not as slow, remember. Squeeze that link before you want to (hit 2)”.

I’m weird.

With Juri i do my link timing by sounds and muscle memory in my thumbs and right index finger (i am on standard 360 controller :smiley: ) and it always works out well well for me. I can do EX dive kick to ultra 2 with my eyes shut just by the sound ques on the dive kick. But like with anything still takes a ton of practice. I gota say though the BPM idea is pretty damn nifty never woulda thought of it myself

Good find,going to try this with Da Mak, supid xxx into TC timing has me way off.

I metronome’d the shit out of Guile’s c.lp - link back in the day. Very useful.

i get timings down by the sound my buttons make when i finish a successful link, that coupled with the sound the characters make in game. works about 90% of the time for me anyway