Practice on Vanilla vs Super



Hi all, First post!

I’ve taken a big liking to Fei , I used to be a Ryu player “back in the day…like 10 years ago!” but I feel that he’s …well just a bit boring now, and since Fei’s moves have similar commands, I think that’s why i’m finding it fun to play Fei.

I’m lucky enough to have 2 systems, my PS3 i have at home with Super edition and my X-box i take with me to the mines ( I work away for 2 weeks - practice time!). I also have the TE stick for x-box.

Anyway , the Question! Can i effectivley improve my Fei game on the original and use this skill set when i get back to Super or has Fei had an overhall on frame data that will make my practice pointless on normal? Obviously the Ultra 2 is out of the question, but i feel that does not matter as it’s a non-connector to anything (as far as i can tell).

Cheers all!


Fei is exactly the same, just make sure to uninstall the patch on Vanilla to get used to his pre-patch Chicken Wing. Some match-ups are the same, others have changed somewhat. Use Vanilla as a starting point for execution, not a training ground for match-ups.


Cool, So they’ve dumbed down the CW for Super? As long as the combo timings are correct I should be sweet, Just did’nt want to spend 2 weeks perfecting
FADC and the like for them then to be void on super!


Not really but a fadc to cw now is easier… no more command grab. The buffer window has changed so bnb are more tighter. CW has the old startup but retains its added invincible frames, other than that he seems the same.


i don’t have super w/ me right now. what is the new cw input?


cw inputs the same. he just means because hkcw is now alot faster like it was wen vanilla first came out.