Practice partner


If I have one other person to play with in person, how can I maximize our improvement? like, what can we do for each other to make sure we both improve. and also, what are some fun things we could do? potentially my last baby beginner question for now


the number one thing me and friends do is call out each others flaws and try to improve on that, explain why you dont need to go certain things or help your friend break habits. you can also teach new players on how to play the game your playing can also help you improve because you are reteaching yourself.
something fun maybe random select battle to see how well you can adapt.
Sometimes i’ll do for my friend is that i learn characters he has a problem with then explain how to beat him with whatever his main character he has at the moment. by the end of that i end up with that character as my main.


lol, the never ending main switch


The best way to make that work is if the both of you communicate and help each other out. Like if you’re exploiting something that he doesn’t know how to deal with, instead of doing that over and over until he gets frustrated, just say “hey you need to do ________ to counter the thing I’m doing.” If I’m playing some random person online I don’t usually do that because I don’t want to hurt their ego or sound condescending, but you guys should do it and put your egos aside.


That and that^^^^.

When I play a mate we will pretend to be in a tournament and do a first to 3. The looser gets punishment.
After we have done that for a while and we have kept our secrets from each other, we hop into the lab and just keep going at each other.
While in the lab, if I feel he is doing something wrong I will pause the game and we will discus it and break it down. Then we un-pause and practice to fix that problem. Then get back to just hammering each other. And he does the same thing to me if he sees a problem.

Then while we play in the lab we will be talking about what we are doing. If something pops up like for instance I think I figure that a certain move links well into another, or if I feel after a certain attack the best follow up would be X, Y or Z. I will tell him and we will play around with the idea.

Then after a few hours we have another little tournament and the looser takes the punishment.

If in our own play time or online we find something that we are struggling with we grind that out. Like jump ins with a specific opponent. My practice partner will select that character and jump at me for hours on end and I will work out the best anti air. And work on the timing.

We do that with everything.