Practice Practice Practice...Well How!?


I practice my Street Fighter at least 1 to 2 hours a day going into versus mode. I can see myself getting better, I’m landing some fun combos, I’m starting to get a hold of FADC ultras(Ryu for example). So then I go online and I cant seem to land ANY combos, I cant seem to do anything right. On the rare occurrence I get a win, I get happy. But once I get that one lose, it just falls downhill. Nothing angers me more than watching my PP drop(not a sexual pun). I can block perfectly fine in versus mode, but I cant seem to block shit online. I lose to the most stupid things, yet I can’t like…do anything?

For example. I just got offline playing a T.Hawk match. I have NO problem whatsoever with T.Hawks in versus. But when I go online, I can’t seen to do anything to hurt them. The T.Hawk was just standing in the corner jumping. Whenever I got closer, he would condor dive on me. Whenever that missed he would do a condor uppercut(forgot the name), which would hit me. Then he would just run away again and do it over till I died. I got perfected once :shake: , which just made my blood boil.

I get the most random match ups too. One moment I’m playing a fresh new person who hasn’t played online ever, then I get Daigo. There isn’t a middle ground at all.

I don’t get pissed off when I’m in versus, yet when I go online the slightest things will piss me off.

How can I practice? Versus mode doesn’t seem to be doing the trick, and whenever I get online I get my ass handed to me, and cant learn a thing.

I love Street Fighter deeply. Street Fighter is like 90% of what I watch on Youtube. I study what other players do, and try and learn a thing or two. But I guess it doesn’t work.

I’m about to give SSF4 the finger and wait for MvC3.


First off, your doing well to keep at it, don’t give up yet!
Playing against the computer is only really good for practicing execution, since the computer will Ultra / Uppercut you if you mess up a combo. But then again so will people online.

First off, you have to lose the stigma that losing means you are bad. Losing just means you have encountered something that you didn’t know how to deal with. The only way you will learn to deal with it is playing against it. Which is why if you want to get better against people online, you are going to have to play online. No one goes online the first time and is a master pro and never loses a game, you have to work your way up. But trust me, if you put enough effort into it, you’ll learn to beat these things and keep climbing the ladder.

If you really want to get a bit more in depth into it, when you lose go view your replay, and think about what happened and why you were getting hit. This isn’t necessary but it is a big help.

What I personally do is just play in Endless Lobbys. Ranked matches are too short to really get a feel for your opponent, and they encourage stupid tactics to abuse lag in order to get points. Endless is a lot more casual and relaxed and you can really get a feel for your opponent.

I wish you luck, if your in NZ/Aus I’ll play with you anytime : )


Playing online is completely different to playing the CPU. A human reacts much different to a computer would (and half the time does way more random shit :L). Well all the time that you would play Versus Mode, go in an Endless lobby and spend your time in there. That way you are getting experience with your character and playing against a real opponent. Obviously when you first play online you aren’t going to be landing those massive combo’s, but with time you’ll slowly see them creeping into your game. Just give it time and don’t give up yet. Also, practice your combo’s again and again and again in Training Mode. Even if you think you have got the hand of it, carry on practicing it. When I log on I make sure to do my character’s BnB’s for a good ten minutes before hopping online, that way my hands are flowing and brain is used to the inputs.

I say give it some time and stick with the game, it’s a lot of fun once you get used to it.


^dont take that as yelling, so much as emphasis

The cpu is not living, it is not thinking. Your opponent is (some of them, anyway)
The cpu blatantly avoids how the matchup is supposed to be played

Go into training mode, practice your combos and whatnot. Get the timing down then play exclusively against people from now on. Forget that this game is single player except for training mode.

Seek out good opponents on these forums, ask them to play you and point out what youve done wrong.

Learn the basics of street fighter: zoning, anti airs, footsies, and eventually option selects etc


I know many will flame me for saying it, but SSFIV online means nothing and is shit. Honestly don’t take it seriously to the point where it makes you feel like you’re not getting better. I play online mainly to try out new combos or see how well I can fare using a new character. Several problems with online:

1.) Lag. I don’t care who the hell you are playing, where they’re from, in America there is lag. Even if they are 2 blocks down from you. Unlike Japan our internet sucks. There will ALWAYS Be some sort of lag effect unless you are sitting right next to the person. If a move doesn’t come out, its probably not you, its the game. This may sound scrubby but this only applies to online play. As long as you really aren’t mashing like a scrub the game probably just lag hiccuped and missed an input.

2.) This has to do with lag but it deserves its own category: Reversal anything works online. Go ahead and try it. Pick Ken or RYu and just mash DP in the middle of their hit strings. It will work 75% of the time no matter how good they are or how much BP or PP they got. Offline its easier to block these because you can hear them clacking away on their stick or pad. Online you hear and see nothing. That can easily get into your head and mess with you.

3.) Ultras. As cool and as fun as these nifty as these little moves are these give scrubs the ability to catch up. In the hands of pros these are flashy and skilled moves that prove how much skill this game requires to be good at. Then on the flip side they are get out of jail free cards for the scrubs who don’t REALLY know how to play the game. All it takes is a nice DP type move then FADC ultra and they win. Some don’t even need to FADC anything. They just mash it and hit you.

4.) Gimmick characters. Vega, Blanka, Hakan, Fuerte. Now before anyone flames me i’m not saying these characters are noob or don’t take skill. They definitely do. The thing thats tricky is with online play you don’t get those split seconds to make a move before they can nail you with their gimmicks (Blanka Hop, vega wall dives, hakan wave dashing tricks, fuerte grabs and splash). Without the split second blocking you need offline you can’t block half of their moves.

Just have fun with online and don’t take it seriously. Live competition is the best kind of competition you’ll ever get.


Oh, another complaint. When I’m in versus, I have near perfect execution. If I want to do a move, it comes out how I want to do it. When I go online, I struggle to throw a fireball. The input feels exactly the same, but no fireball comes out :expressionless:

I think another reason why I’m so bad is because I set a goal of 1000PP. I keep telling myself once I reach that goal, I’ll never play a ranked match again(Because they always piss me off). When I win, cool, 50 PP! I’m up to 700 right now. Then I get a pro matchup who I shouldn’t have gotten and back down goes my PP. Well there goes 80 PP. Back down to 600. Another bad matchup? Down to 500. Well that makes me upset. When I’m upset I can’t play well, but I want my PP up. Ahh so frustrated.


online isnt perfect, but its not useless. its a good tool to learn the matchups. You CAN get better by playing online.


Your input is most likely fine online. Its the LAG that fucks you up.


I absolutely agree. Thats why i said up top

But you can’t tell me that playing online will get you to tourney level play. I know it won’t. It will get you BETTER maybe but not tourney level.


I was mostly responding to:

Basically, i just wanted to point out that it can mean something, if i play someone ft10 with a good connection and i win 10-4, its pretty safe to say i would have won that offline too. maybe it would be 10-5 or 6, but you can get meaning out of the matches


Yeah, no. Lag can effect blocking, throw techs, wakeup/pressure response for any char that doesn’t have a decent reversal, and links, all of which can result in damage or being robbed of damage, and thus can significantly alter the outcome of a ft10. In many cases it can hamper proper punish timing, and largely screws whiff punishing on reaction during footsies.

Oh what, you didn’t honestly think those Chun easymode crossups were really that difficult to block, did you? Maybe you should ask DaYasha about online Chun shit that doesn’t work offline, Mr. Safe-to-say.

Online you can learn the bare basics. Beyond that, you’re going to get the wrong feedback for anything that requires timing and, as a result, a lot of bad habits.


I quit. Simple as that. There’s nothing that I can do to win a match. I’m losing to the easiest people. I shouldn’t be losing to them, but for some stupid reason I am. I get randomly wake-up ultra’d, and lag allows me to not block it. Cant tech because of lag. My internet is perfectly fine, I have great internet.

Good riddance Street Fighter. I sure as hell hope MvC3 delivers, or else I wasted 150 dollars on a TE stick.


if you cant win a match in ssf4 because you get suckered by random ultras and your thinking that losing to “easy” players shouldnt be happening because you watch youtube and you KNOW what you are doing. what makes you think you are going to do any better in MVC3?!? Theres more shit to watch for and react to in that game than there is in ssf4.
quit being a pussy and watch your replays so you know what you are doing wrong. jeez.
its bad enough that you lose but you also post on the forums how hopeless you are in a game thats sad. good riddance


If only you had joined 1 day later, I would have called you the best christmas present SRK gave me this year.


No offense but you are really far off on this one. Playing against the computer can be very useful. When I met MOV (3 time SBO Champion), he showed us a training method he had been using for years that only involved playing against the computer.

Not to flame the OP, but I think its pretty rude to ask for peoples help here, then after reading a few responses of people trying to help you, just declare that you quit.


I know what I’m doing wrong, I watch my replays, but nothing is working for me. I have seem to hit a wall where I can’t improve at all, no matter how much I practice. From the day I picked up the game I’ve seen nothing but improvement. That improvement improved when I picked up a TE. But now I seem to be stuck in a root. I cant improve, and I’m not sure why.

^Bad internet session caused that. I really do appreciate each and every one of you, and I love your comments.


How do you measure improvement? Winning more?


Not getting upset when I lose to something I know I could have done differently. Being able to land combos easier. Knowing more combos to add to my arsenal.


quit the game


Just went for a short drive to clear my mind and I’ll give it a second try(didn’t mean to rhyme). I wont become magically good, I have to work at it. If anyone wants to practice with me and give me pointers, feel free to add iHog on Xbox live. Gotta have voice chat.