Practice Practice Practice

Yup, it’s that one word you really dont want to hear, but know if you want to do anything well, you’ll need to. Been at SF3:3S for a while now, but I’ve noticed while reading over alot of the other threads that no one has ever stopped to explain what it is they practice.

I tend to sit down in practice mode tring to pick up combos and/or work them out to be more ‘natural’ in my game. Afterwards I tend to hit the actual game, working out openings, parry, etc. But it seems people have alot easier of a time doing so ((A recent discussion brought about ‘why is the comp so easy?’ when I myself dont find it at all easy. Aw well, guess more practice. But I was curious, what do you guys do to practice, or iron out the kinks in your game?

I only practice on my execution and parrying simple things like Shinkuu Hadouken, just incase I fight a Denjin-Ryu.

Other than that the real training or practice is through playing with others. The computer is stupid and doesn’t play mind games or any advance stuff. The just poke and randomly do supers. You can’t really work out a playstyle when you fight against a computer, you pick up all of these things 90% through experience while playing other people, and 10% reading discussions and watching videos.

Hope that helps.

Actually too much CPU comp can be bad for you, you end up trying to look for openings or attack the CPU’s blind spot against a human opponent, it doesn’t really work that well. But its a decent way to learn basic ranges, pushback, priorities, even the all important parry into something. Just dont think you are going to be brilliant straight away.

The CPU is good for one thing and is Hit Confirms, I only use practice mode to check for damage differences and perfecting my execution.

practice against actual opponents = :tup:

practice against cpu = :tdown:

practice against local scrubs in your local mall = :tdown:

practice on being a fucking asshole in 3s against actual opponents = :tup:

I usually go to training mode set computer on 8star difficulty and practice things like redparry, hit confirms, kara throws or just simple execution. Sometimes when I have no competition near me I just fight against the cpu for fun in training mode for hours.

I practice running away against the computer.

Practicing against the CPU is just very bad. As was already mentioned, the computer will fall for the sme things over and over. Then you try to fight a human opponent and they punish the fuck out of your for stuff that almost always works against the CPU. The best practice is to just play a lot of casuals against other people.

if you cannot understand the usefulness behind playing CPU, then you should re-evaluate.

The cpu is useful if there is no one around and you wanna practice your execution and parrying. The CPU does a lot of random dumb shit, but that is good practice for learning to parry certain moves and supers.

Its common knowledge that fighting real people is better than fighting the computer, thats been true since street fighter 2:lol: and I think anyone who plays this game already knows that.

I love how khang tells people how they should practice but never practices himself :clap: