Practice Session?

Recently my 360 red ringed… so I haven’t really been able to play…

Anyone in Everett / Lynnwood / Seattle area down to have a little practice session?

I’m down to go to GWs and meet up maybe during the day or after noon. Have some beer and just chill at the cabinet. I’m trying to work on my Ken and could use some pointers.

Also I’d be down hosting something, I got room for a few set ups!

Anyways all help appreciated.

I’m down to play/train/whatever. Hardly busy lately, though I should look for a job.

P.S. Devin is dope y’all should play with him. <3

I’m also looking to hone my skills. I haven’t been playing much at all lately, work and such. I’m in Seattle, and would be down to play most weekday evenings, or on the weekends pretty much any time.


Haha I’m in the same boat! :stuck_out_tongue:

Well shit, what are you guys doing today? I’m free right now since I don’t go back to work until tomorrow. Post back and let me know.

I’m down? I just gotta run an errand, but besides that, I’m supposed to find something to occupy some time tonight.

I’m in a shitty mood and not ready for socialization or street fighter but I pm’d your number to tanaka, devin :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d be down to get something going tonight. I’m working now and have a few things to take care of after work, but I’d say maybe 7:30 or 8:00 I could do something. GW maybe? I imagine there will be others there as well.

Ahh I’m totally free tonight!

Preferences on a place to meet?

EDIT: I’m cool with GWs or my place, I have 1 TV and my roomies xbox with no copy of SF4.

I have a tables with 2 smaller TVs ( Would be hard to see) but have a gamecube set up with Melee :stuck_out_tongue: either way there is room for set ups on that table. Plenty of space in the living room!

Roomies like it quiet so I couldn’t have a lot of people there if it were going to get loud :stuck_out_tongue: Which I could see happening haha. So my place is available depending on the people.