How to get better in UMVC3 for PS3 any advice.


How to get better? Practice.

You should be more clear. What do you want to know? What’s your team? etc.


You answered your question before you even typed it out lol.


People really should stop making threads that pretty much only say “Tell me how to get better.” There’s not some secret task you have to complete in order to magically get good at this game. You practice more, you look for info in online threads, and you ask for more specific advice.

If you’re too lazy to ask a question that isn’t super-vague then chances are you aren’t going to “get better” at this game.



Three steps to getting better.

  1. Find competition
  2. Get destroyed by competition
  3. Keep getting destroyed until you understand


I wouldn’t bother with this game. You will spend 95% of your time getting juggled.


Not everyone is going to have the same experience as you. There’s no need to go whine about this game in every thread you can. This game is clearly not for you, but that doesn’t mean you get to try to make it that way for other new players.


You know, when I first saw you post
You were like, "oh I want to win. I’ll just keep trying. Perseverance ya’ll"
I was like, "Hey, this kid is pretty chill"
But then like a week later onwards, you start saying the stupidest shit ever man
Seriously dude, what happen?


He decided to lash out at the game instead of looking into his own mistakes.


Yea man. I remember back when I found this site and I made a handful of “How do I get better online” “How to play Dante” “What team should I use” threads and I got the “Welcome to SRK. This thread is here.Post appropriately and have a nice day” messages and then my shit got deleted by some admin. I’m a bit salty that I’m seeing all of these on the page lol. It’s all good though.


watch marvel. Watch people who play teams like yours. Watch people who play the real good teams you may end up encountering. Nothing can frazzle you more than getting hit by some nonsense you don’t understand. Watching marvel is key to not getting hit by gimmicky stuff. This is probably the easiest part because marvel is fun to watch and the community has its interesting characters. Also try things you see on streams/youtube videos. You should get super excited when someone does something cool with your character you didn’t know about.

Find some sort of zen in training mode. I’ve been practicing doom tac infinites on a regular (as regular as possible) basis for 4 months now and have yet to land one in a match. I’m not saying that learning anything will take this long for you I’m just trying to say that you have to stay motivated and keep working if you wanna get better. Just keep trying and feel satisfaction in watching your playstyle evolve and your arsenal of combos and setups increase.

And most importantly play other people. Play people better than you and play as many people as you can. The pace of marvel is all kinds of unforgiving and you need all the experience in the world to make the right decisions in this game. And stuff like movement (arguably the most important thing to be good at) can’t really be learned in training mode.


I agree


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