I’ve always not been able to find my character that I LOVE until I played with viper.

But Ive been looking around wondering how do I get to where I was with Gen.

All I see is Practice and that is the most logical answer but what is practice?

Is practice championship mode everyday all day with viper or is practice training all day.

If it is training mode what do I do in training mode because training mode is sooo boring.


You’ll definitely need to spend a lot of time in training mode just to build up your execution so you can perform Viper’s techniques, that’s a given. Viper is hard work.

I’d suggest playing sparring with people on your friends list instead of going to championship mode.


I was going to make a similar thread to this but never did. I was going to ask what you needed to actually practice in what order. I realize that above all else, execution is key, but that’s something you’ll learn while learning all of viper’s techniques.

So far I’ve learned the BNBs from trials, instant BKs, I’ve almost got down seismo xx seismo, and I know how to do FFF though I’m not sure in which situations I need to use them in. After these, what do I need to start studying, or is it just time to go into online matches and learn how to start applying them through just getting experience?



No need for a new thread for such a simple question.


Yeah these noob threads are really getting unnecessary. Post your noob questions in the Q and A thread. Again…no more posting in this thread or it will get closed.