Practicing execution on games you don't actually play?

That’s a hella weird title, so allow me to elaborate. Everyday, I take some time to dedicate my practice exclusively to basic execution (dashing, qcfs, dqcfs, etc.), but I dislike both AE’S and 3s’s (the games I play) aesthetics (though I love both’s gameplay), so I tend to do that on random games, like CvS2, NG/2i, ST, A2, GGXX and so on. So, my question would be: would it be more benefical for me if I did that on 3s/AE, or is it entirely inconsequential, and thus, should be left to my taste (and yes, I am aware of games with strictier inputs, like ST)?

Your basic motions can be practiced across a variety of games. After all, a QCF or Z motion in one game will be the same as in another (unless you use retarded input shortcuts). But practicing timing, and training your muscle memory to react with a specific normal or special move, will be different across games.

If you want to improve at a specific game, then play that specific game and try to learn its mechanics thoroughly. If you want to practice basic execution motions for special moves, supers, normals, then just play any game.

In a general sense I think it is a great idea to play lots of different games to get a solid grasp of the genre itself. This allows you to be more ready for the next big title when it hits. On the other hand, if you do this too much and don’t put in enough time with your main game it will keep you weaker. So you have to balance it. It might also depend on your skill set. I consider playing a large variety like general education while playing a lot on one game more like a major.

I don’t really think its that helpful at all but I still do it just cause I think its fun. 3s and SF4 (at a distant 2nd) are probably the games I’ve spent the most time on, among A2, ST, CvS2 and MB, but I never really felt like any of the time I spent on those games helped my execution in 3s or SF4. If anything, I think its been a very minor hindrance just with Akuma’s RD. Sometimes practicing the timing of the inputs for that move in one game has thrown me off in another but never very seriously.

Practicing DPs and AAing in ST helped my execution and reactions in SFIV when I first switched over to a square gate.

I’m going to throw my two cents in here about this.
For practicing COMBO execution, working in a different game is pointless.
For practicing GENERAL execution, working in a different game is amazing.

MvC3 and MvC2 are nothing alike in terms of combos. Learning one wont affect, in a good way, combo execution in the other.
I will say this though… MvC3’s button layout made me learn some finger combinations that I wouldn’t have easily done if I stuck with MvC2. Now combos that involve dashing and fierces are easier because I’m used to a different set of finger combinations.

Likewise with SF4. I’m, at heart, a ST player and I’m very used to F+HP to throw. Going into SF4 at first was hard, but learning 3S and getting into the habit of the LPLK throw system, it eased me back into 4.

Don’t rely on timings though from one game to another. That’s a disease that will haunt you forever. I learned fly combos with Sentinel in Marvel 3… and now my FFLy combos in Marvel 2 are half-assed and I forget to go to neutral about 50% of the time.

I’d like to thank everyone for their inputs, it helped me so much, though it’s such a trivial thing! I somewhat feel like pherai does (3s to IV’s Genei-Jin combos and habits), but I’m going to experiment further in the coming weeks with stricter games to a greater extent and see how it relates to my IV execution in the coming weeks. Again, thanks!

when I do well on Capcom games I suck at SNK games and vice versa